A Simple Home Maintenance Planning Guide

Owning a home means that you’ll have to keep up with a certain amount of maintenance along the way.  If you hope to pass your home on to the next generation in your family, keeping up with regular maintenance will assure that it makes it long enough to house your family for generations.  

Take a moment out of your day to learn a little about what it takes to properly care for your home.  Read through a brief compilation of home maintenance tips that will help you plan your yearly regimen.

Things to get done in the winter

Wintertime means that the harsh cold weather is ahead in most parts of the nation.  If you live in a particularly cold region, winter weather could wreak havoc on your home.  

If you’re not properly prepared, you could suffer unnecessary damages and issues.  Make sure you check out these issues before winter is in full swing.  

  • Check and clear the gutters/downspouts on your home. 
  • Cover all of the outside spigots with styrofoam to keep from freezing the pipes. 
  • Use the cold weather as an excuse to clean out the basement and/or garage areas in your home. 
  • Remove any troublesome dead tree branches to avoid future trouble.  

Things to get done in the Spring

Spring grants you the opportunity to clean up the mess left behind by the throes of winter weather.  Spring cleaning is a thing for a reason.  Take the time to run through these critical steps to maintain your home during the spring months of the year.  

  • Make a run through the gutters/downspouts again to clear debris.  
  • Check the siding on your home for damage.  
  • Take a look at the roofing and shingles on your home, and make the necessary repairs.  
  • Clean up the screens in your windows. 
  • Trim back the trees and bushes.  

Things to get done in the Summer

Summertime means great weather for home maintenance and home improvement projects.  Enjoy the warm weather of the season, and make sure your home is in tip-top shape.  

  • Use summer for repairing siding and paint on your home’s exterior. 
  • Clean up the deck and outdoor recreation spaces. 
  • Have your water heater and HVAC unit serviced.  
  • Clean the debris from your window wells.  

Things to get done in the Fall 

Fall is the time to prepare for the challenges of the winter season.  Don’t get caught unprepared, and run through these suggestions to properly prepare your home.  

  • Make sure the sump pump is still functional. 
  • Time to take out the window units.  Clean and store your window air conditioners.
  • Make sure the furnace is ready to spark.  
  • Keep your landscaping water features of falling leaves. 
  • Clean the leaves out of the yard.  
  • Dust up the ceiling fans, and return them to their downward blow. 

Keeping up with the maintenance on your home will keep you and your family connected to the property, and caring about your property is important.