Creating Space in Your Home in 3 Effective Steps

Although they can be cheaper and less hassle to run, smaller homes and apartments can present many struggles when it comes to space. So, if you’ve tripped over the pile of shoes in your entryway for what feels like the millionth time this week, you might wonder, how can I create more space in my home?

Well, if you’ve been thinking this, you’re in luck. Fortunately, homeowners can create more space in their current homes in hundreds of ways, from decluttering their belongings and investing in alternate storage solutions to hanging up pots/pans and keeping toys tidied away. We list some of the most effective ways below:

1. Keep Toys Tidied Away

Although we all love our children unconditionally, they like to test our affection’s limits by turning every corner of the house into their playroom. No matter if you step into the bathroom, kitchen, or living room, at times, it feels like you can’t go anywhere in your home without picking up action figures, soft toys, or board games and returning them to their proper home.

As you know, not organising these items can turn a seemingly tidy house into a cluttered one, so creating a creative storage solution is imperative for creating more space in your home. Whether you use a selection of small/big plastic containers and slide them under your child’s bed to give the illusion of more space or invest in an over-the-door storage solution, there are tons of creative storage solutions for children’s toys that can keep your area organised while increasing the amount of it simultaneously.

2. Invest In Alternative Storage Solutions

If it’s starting to feel like no matter how hard you try, you can’t create enough space in your home; you could consider investing in alternative storage solutions. Whether you’d like to store holiday decorations that never made their way back into the attic after last Christmas or if you’d like to store old furniture that you haven’t quite got around to selling – self-storage facilities like the ones from Safestore can help keep unwanted clutter out of your home and create more space.

With loads of locations around the London area, consider visiting their website to learn more about their innovative self-storage solutions, get a free quote, read storage-related blogs, and much more. Or contact a team member for specific inquiries and learn how their storage solutions could help you free up more space in your home today.

3. Buy A Storage Bed

Another way to create more space in your home is by opting for a storage bed instead of a traditional bed. Although they carry a heftier price than conventional beds, they can store much more stuff than using the underside of your bed can grant you.

Whether you’d like more closet space to store clothes that you don’t reach for as much as others or if you’d like a less obvious place to store bedding, you can find storage beds in a wide range of sizes that can be used to hide away belongings/clutter you’d prefer not to be visible to guests. Plus, using a storage bed provides a more discreet way of dealing with general mess than kicking it all under your bedframe since all this is still visible, depending on how much is under there.

In contrast, beds have built-in drawers or can be lifted by the mattress to display their storage capabilities, making them a much more presentable way of storing items. Plus, once the things you want to keep in the frame are tucked out of the way, you create more space in the room.