Florida’s Steady Real Estate Market Pays Dividends

Like most investors you want to find some solid Real Estate to invest your money into, that will pay you back a decent yearly ROI! It’s easier said then done and any experienced flipper and investors will tell you becoming educated about your market will make you money. If you’re like many “buy and hold” Real Estate investors your portfolio is made up of single-family homes, townhouses and villas that are rented 12 months per year. This is a popular and safe way to slowly earn a profit without really risking to much, assuming you have responsible renters. Let’s look at Florida’s steady Real Estate market where investors are making a lot of money each month and in total appreciation as well.

The Top Florida Cities to Own A Rental Property In

Florida’s Treasure Coast is one of the best places to invest in Real Estate. The diverse availability of homes for sale make this a great area for investors that want different types of properties. The area is comprised of several cities including Port St Lucie, Stuart, Palm City, Jensen Beach and Hutchinson Island.

According to Treasure Coast Homes, senior Real Estate agents with Keller Williams, investors should look at single family homes for sale in Port St Lucie first. These 3, to 5-bedroom homes are typically on large quarter acre lots away from the control of HOA’s.

In 2018 a 3-bedroom home in this area is selling around $180k and up. The Port St Lucie median home value saw a 10% increase this year and looks like another strong year is coming in 2019. The rents have increased substantially in the area as well and renters can expect to pay $1,500 and up depending on the property.

Can A Condo Make A Good Rental Investment?

Miami Real Estate has always been a great investment because you can find any type of property imaginable. Miami is also a world-renowned destination for amazing hotels, shopping, dining and entertainment only found here. There will always be demand for rental properties in Miami and if you know what to look for it can be a worthwhile investment.

Now investors can find many condos for sale in Miami Beach. There’sa lot of inventory and many times making a cash offer below asking price, can seal a deal. If you work with a “Top Realtor In Miami” they can show you which buildings demand the highest rental amounts and you can make your offers accordingly. These condos are easy to rent if you buy it correctly and know the highest rent you can charge without being over-priced.

Florida offers great Real Estate investments to savvy people willing to dig in and do the work to ensure your buying the best homes for the lowest prices. Unlike many areas to the North, the sunshine state will always make a sound investment since the sun shines all year round and brings tourists and new home owners here.

Knowing When To Sell

It’s not uncommon for Real Estate investors to sell their properties and cash out in part or all together. The timing depends on many things personal to that individual. Obviously, you want to sell when the market is at its highest, but that’s not always easy to do. However, being on point when selling an investment property can make or break your portfolio. It’s always highly recommended to seek the counsel of licensed Realtors whenever buying or selling any property. Unless you are already a seasoned pro and confident that you can buy low and sell high, even getting rental income in between.