Got Some Free time, How about Making a Wild Bet?

In the year 2020 online betting is one of the fastest growing business. And with the coronavirus pandemic raging, online betting has grown even faster. Companies like bet365 review offer probabilities for betting on almost anything and if you are a bit bored and want to do some off the wall betting you can find odds on nearly anything there. Here are a few examples of the broad range of bets available that you can find around the world. 

The End of the World

We are told by scientists that the end of the world will come someday, but no one is really sure exactly when that will be. Because of this it creates a great opportunity for betting. If you believe that you have an idea when mankind’s ending will be why not make some money on that information? Yes, you can wager on when the world will end. You might think that an asteroid, the sun getting to hot or cold or even a virus wiping us out might be in the near future and you can place that bet. The best part is that you will be paid before the end (unless it happens suddenly in which case it won’t matter any way), and you can spend you winning on your last days. Remember the Mayan calendar and everyone thinking the world would end in 2012, well they were wrong but you could be right. Try your luck. 

Who will be 007?

How about placing a bet on who the next James Bond will be. There have been quite a few and most have been a complete surprise so the odds if you win are quite high. Will it be a woman or a black man finally? Bank on the following James Bond are constantly energetic and there is a great deal of names connected as well as certainly, with varying odds.

A number of years back, there were talks that the following James Bond would most likely be Black so you may go down this path when betting. Or pick an unknown or even a top Hollywood celebrity. 

Side Bets on the Super Bowl 

People pick the obvious bets on the Super Bowl mostly. These include the final score of the game, the winning team and who will score a touchdown during the game. But there are many other bets available including which direction will a touchdown be scored in first, who will get injured and even the type and color of the liquid that will be thrown on the winning coach. So whether you want to go the normal route or try your hand at some fringe bets, you can be one of millions who bet on the Super Bowl each year. 

If you are a fan of placing wagers on activities, you might be selling yourself short by not examining all of the options available to you. These examples are only a small part of what is available. So some research and open up a whole new world for yourself.