How to Best Use Your Space at Home

You don’t have to be blessed with lots of space in your home to find out how to use the space you have best. There are so many ways to enjoy the space you have at your home to make sure you fall in love with your home all over again. We all have the need to extend our living space no matter how big or small it is, and we have the perfect tips for you and your home. 

Exposed Leg Furniture 

Exposed leg furniture allows the room to extend and feel more spacious. Furniture with clean lines and exposed legs creates a visually lightweight look. In the spaces below you can incorporate baskets to store your throws or extra scatter cushions for a visibly beautiful style. Allow the light to reach all corners of your space by getting rid of all bulky furniture that hides your walls and takes up a large amount of visible space. 

Go Big with Your Rug and Soft Furnishings

Even if your room is on the smaller scale, you should go big with your rugs and soft furnishings. You can add space and definition with a large rug in your room, the difference in furnishings and material are really going to add to your living space and create different layers for your eyes to focus on. 

Build Strategic Storage Solutions 

If you have alcoves in your home, you should utilise this beautiful space for extra storage solutions to really make the most of the space in your home. Additionally, you can incorporate extra focal points in your room to add to the expansion of your living space. If you’re unsure of where to start, take a look into online fashion retailer Buster & Punch for their beautiful cabinet hardware to really give your new storage solution that elegant finishing touch you need to elevate your space. 

Image Credit: Buster & Bunch 

Incorporating the Right Lighting 

There are many ways you can incorporate the right lighting into your home to enhance your living space. 

Wall Lights 

Use wall lights in alcoves / recesses to elevate your space and illuminate the darker corners of your home to create a sense of more space and heightened walls. 

Long Pendants 

The use of long pendants above kitchen breakfast bars and islands as well as your dining table can really emphasise the height of your ceiling and create the illusion of more space. 


Placing mirrors adjacent to light sources such as your windows for natural lighting are a great way to extend your space. The light will surround the room and the mirror will give the illusion the room extends further than it does. 

Statement Lighting 

Statement lighting creates a focal point to your living space when welcoming guests and yourself into your home. It effectively creates the illusion you have more space by drawing your eyes immediately to the centre piece of the room, creating a beautifully elegant space.