How to Remove Ants From a Home Before You Sell It

If you’re planning to sell your home, it’s extremely important that you sell it in the best possible condition. A home in bad condition definitely won’t sell for as much as a home in extremely good condition, and ants are one of the things that can make your home be in “bad condition” instead of “good condition.” Any pests can reduce the condition of your home, but ants tend to be very difficult to get rid of. Here’s how you can remove ants in a house before you sell it so that you get the best price.

  • Seal Cracks and Holes in Walls

Ants are great at entering homes through even tiny cracks and holes. Even a very small crack on the outside of a home wall, which you might not notice, can be a great place for ants to come inside. Not only do you need to seal cracks and holes that you can see, but you should also consider calling in a foundation repair expert to look for ones that might not be as obvious at first glance.

  • Ensure Windows and Doors Fit Snugly

Windows and doors are another area of the home that often allow ants inside. Making sure your windows and doors fit snugly will help you avoid problems with ants and other pests. Plus, it also ensures that the home’s conditioned air won’t escape into the outdoors. Smart home buyers will check to make sure the home’s windows and doors fit into the frames snugly, which means you should pay close attention to them.

  • Caulk Around AC and Heating Units

Air conditioning and heating units typically utilize water to help heat or cool the air, as water is a great conductor. However, that water often attracts all kinds of pests, including ants. Ants love water, which si exactly why AC and heating units tend to have issues with ants. If you’re able to caulk around these units effectively enough, the ants won’t be able to find a way into the home through them.

  • Fix Leaky Pipes and Faucets

This is a good idea for any homeowner who’s looking to sell their current home. Leaky pipes and faucets tend to leave a significant impact on the home’s value. Plus, they’re typically pretty easy to fix — you often just have to isolate the leak and tighten up some connections. When you fix these leaky pipes and faucets, you’ll also make it less likely that ants will come inside, find water, and bring along other members of the ant colony.

  • Fix Cracked Pavement and Foundations

Cracked pavement and foundations are serious problems in a home. It’s important that you fix these problems so you can increase your home’s value and make the home safer for the next people who will live there. Additionally, cracked pavement and cracks in a foundation allow for ants to come inside. That’s because ants are very good at burrowing and finding openings in any surface. However, you have to really fix the problem, not just plaster over it. It’s important that you fix these cracked pavements as early and as thoroughly as you can with the help of a trained professional.


Ants are a pain to deal with, but you don’t necessarily just have to handle them on your own. Especially if you think ants have come inside through a crack in pavement or your foundation, you need to fix those problems for good. That means fixing the pavement or foundation cracks. When you talk to a foundation repair expert, you’ll be able to fix the cracks and make sure these ants don’t come back. Not only will the lack of pests improve the home value, but the new fixes to the foundation will do the same thing.