The Most Popular Styles of Home Purchased Today

There are many style of great looking homes filling the streets of residential neighborhoods around the country. Each has its own allure and special qualities. Some are single story while others have two or more floors. Some are split level that present half-floors as part of their floor plans.

The home styles range from craftsman to contemporary, to Mediterranean and several others giving home buyer a wide range of choices from which to choose. But out of all the home styles available today two, Traditional, and modern are the most popular. Here is a description of each and a few reasons why they are so popular and attractive to buyers.

Traditional style 

Traditional style homes are the most popular homes in the US. They have been built for more than a hundred years in the US and have many variations but some definite similarities. Traditional homes typically have a porch or sunroom at either the front, the back of the home or both. There are historical architectural touches that might come from one or several periods throughout the exterior and interior of the home. These touches are often from different eras on one structure. For example you might find Roman columns and a farmhouse style frame. The exterior style of these homes are usually brick, clapboard or even stone and the homes can be found in every area of the country. On the interior you can expect to see fireplaces, a formal living room and dining room and a separation of the rooms although many have been opened up with new floor plans. Traditional homes can be located in any type of neighborhood. Their appeal lies in their charming looks and comfortable vibes. They are usually positioned as perfect family homes.


In the 1950s a particular home style emerged that grew in polarity and continues to be very popular todaty. Moderns homes were originally built for owners who wanted a more up to date and furutistic look to their homes than the traditional styles of the day. In the 50s and 60s there was the talk of man going into space and of technology becoming the certer of our lives and a new look in homes was part of this forward thinking.

The modern home look has flat or gently sloping roofs, windows that are longer than high and might have rooms that are of different heights. They also typically contain some parts that might look a bit unfinished, espeically the fireplaces whisc are usually one of the most well adroned features in a home. Modern homes lend themselves to minimalist interior designs and the open floor plans we see so much of today because thee are often fewer walls and rooms might be separated with half-walls or dividers. There is an emphasis on clean straight lines inside and outside of the home.

There are updated versions of each home style and in some cases a mixing of styles which makes it sometimes hard to fit a home into one category.