Top 6 Reasons to Move to the Notre Dame de Grace Neighborhood in Montreal

The Notre Dame de Grace neighborhood (NDG) is home to plenty of young couples and new families living in apartments and condos in NDG. 

The NDG is one of the older areas in the city, and many of the residents show a deep sense of community. The neighborhood is quite welcoming to newbies and visitors, and it has a distinctly laidback vibe. With its cool cafes, open green spaces, and low population density, it’s great place for many people.

When asked why people move to the NDG area, here are some of the usual answers:

  1. Fantastic greenery. It may be part of Montreal, but this part of the city is very green with lots of trees offering shade for the residents. Nearly every lawn is filled with shrubs and trees. You can find lots of parks, and dog parks too. 
  2. It is both relaxing and exciting. Some of the streets here are quiet, and you can find young parents pushing baby strollers with sleeping tots. Then you can suddenly find yourself in a hip and obviously urban part of NDG, with urban art in the streets along with organic markets, and lively cafes. You’ll find yoga studios here too. 
  3. The prices are great. We are not just talking about the prices of apartments and condos here. The NDG area is known for the low prices of products, whether you’re in a grocery, café, or fruit stand. If you’re from a place where the cost of living is high (such a London or New York), you’ll be delighted with how much your money can get here in NDG. 
  4. You don’t absolutely need a car to get around. While having a car is always nice, you don’t have to use one all the time here in NDG. It’s likely that there’s a store here that’s within walking distance from your place where you can get what you need. For cyclists, the neighborhood has plenty of bike lanes that lead all the way to the downtown core. 

Along the South edge of NDG, you have two train stations, while in the west you have three metro stations. Every major street here also has buses that go both ways. 

  1. There are plenty of cultural activities. Venues for artistic performances in the neighborhood include the new Benny Library and Cultural Centre and the Crowley Arts Centre. Cultural initiatives and various community artistic activities happen constantly. You have the NDG Arts Walk and the Country en Ville. You’ll enjoy the NDG Off the Wall and the Porchfest NDG. 
  2. Your kids will have several good schools to choose from. This is especially true when you broaden your search to nut just NDG but also to the nearby Côte Saint-Luc area. With these two neighborhoods, you can choose from up to more than 20 schools. There are private and public schools. You have schools in the English and French sector. Some are Catholic schools, and others are Muslim schools. The Jewish schools here are among the best in the country, such as the Solomon Schechter Academy and JPPS-Bialik. 

In the west end, you have the famous Loyola High School. Lower Canada College is here, and there’s also the Loyola Campus of Concordia University. 

Parks, great libraries, fantastic social services, and spots for foodies… we can go on and on, but it’s safe to say that the apartments and condos in NDG will continue to be in great demand.