Winter Checklist to Ensure Your Home Looks Great and Stays Secure

As we are currently in the thick of winter, it is time to start addressing whether or not your home is ready for these chilly months. The winter time is an important season for home owners in terms of not only making it look great and in with the season, but also when it comes to home safety, and maintenance.

There is much to do during the winter months to ensure that your home is fit for purpose and safe, not to mention stylish during the winter and here are some tips on helping you achieve all three.

Home Style

Let’s kick off with some ideas on how you can make your home look great, and fit in with the wintery conditions outside. Now of course we are not suggesting that you completely remodel your home so as to stay in with the season, but there are some lovely touches which you can add to the interior, to make it warm and welcoming.

Velvet additions such as cushions and throws can really give your home that cosy winter feel, try to go for darker hues such as oranges and purples to really bring winter home. Another great idea to get this look is to bring nature indoors with the addition of wooden touches, plants and floral designs on the walls such as photos or paintings. The rustic look can be easily achieved with some ornate twigs or linen around the home with curtains and tablecloths. This is the perfect time of year to get upcycling and turn once-beauiful wooden furniture into a modern and chic item, this can not only help save money, but does wonders for the environment too!


With the cold weather and harsh conditions comes the possibility of many problems within the home and it is important that you are vigilant of the most common issues. Freezing temperatures can cause problems with water pipes, especially if you have an outside tap, make sure that you are constantly watching out for any signs of frozen pipes. Another issue can be the roof after a heavy snowfall so ensure that you are checking the interior for leaks. Finally, the winter is the tim to take action in terms of home insulation, especially when it comes to the windows. If you feel drafts in the home then it is important that you take action immediately so as to keep the home warm, and so that you aren’t wasting energy by losing heat.

Given that maintenance issues in the house are more likely during winter, plus the worrying fact that this time of year sees far more home burglaries, revising your home insurance is well worth doing. You may even find that you need to switch your insurance , I for example have just switched to Chill insurance who offered me a far better deal than my previous provider. When you check out your home insurance make sure that you are well covered against home damage and maintenance issues. Whilst home insurance may not prevent issues from happening, it will absolutely give you the peace of mind that should something happen, you can call on your insurance to help you clear things up.