3 Renovations with Good ROI

Investing in your home through home improvements is a smart idea. Whether you want to sell your property in the future or live in it for years to come, renovations can improve your enjoyment of your home and increase resale value. If you are planning on selling, there are some home renovations that bring more of a return on investment than others. Here are three:

Kitchen Renovations

It’s not surprising that kitchen renovations have the highest return on investment compared to other interior renovations. The kitchen is the heart of the home and probably the most used room too. Spending money on a kitchen upgrade can put money back into your pocket at resale. In fact, you can recover 81.1% of your renovation costs, according to Remodeling’s Cost vs. Value report. So, if you invest $21,000 on a new kitchen, expect to get at least $17,000 of that back when you sell your house.

If you want to earn even more on your kitchen remodel, consider Calgary cabinet painting. Homeowners can rejuvenate the look of their kitchen by cabinet refinishing at a fraction of the cost of cabinet refacing or a replacement. This is a smart move if you are planning to sell your home soon. If you need some information or inspiration, read Types of countertops and prices.

Bathroom Remodel

After the kitchen, the bathroom is the second thing home buyers will look at inside of the house. A midrange bathroom remodel might mean installing a tile floor, replacing your old fixtures with new and installing a new bathroom sink. Cabinet refinishing is also a good idea for your vanity cabinets. Update your bathroom and recoup over 70% of that cost at resale. In the meantime, you will enjoy a new, bright and beautiful bathroom.

A New Entry Door

The front entry door is one of the first things you see every time you come home and it plays a major role in your home’s exterior visual appeal. Not only will a new front door increase energy efficiency and security, it will also boost curb appeal, resale value and has an incredible return on investment. In fact, replacing your old door with a new steel door will put 93.1% of it’s cost on your home’s resale value, according to the cost vs. value report.