3 Ways To Make Your Bathroom More Child-Friendly

Just because you have kids living at home doesn’t mean that you always have to sacrifice fashion for functionality. You can still have a beautifully designed and decorated home that your family can feel comfortable in but that will also make you feel like a put-together family. 

One room where this might be less important is the bathroom. While the most glamorous things don’t take place in this room, it can still be a place where your kids can take care of their necessary hygiene in a safe, well-designed space. To show you how this can be done, here are three ways you can make your bathroom more child-friendly.

Give Options For Bathing

When your kids are little, baths are likely going to be the easiest option for bathing. But as they get older, showers may get thrown into the mix more. Because of this, it can be helpful to always have options available for bathing.

According to Alicia Garceau, a contributor to HGTV, a kid’s bathroom should be fitted with various types of bathroom fixtures. From a bathtub that allows for actual baths and an easy-to-use drain stopper to an adjustable shower head that can be used for tall and short kids alike, your children’s bathing options should include them all. 

What can also be helpful, from a safety standpoint, is to install railings or non-slip bath mats to help your little ones stay on their feet when on unsure footing in the shower or bath. 

Think About Where Things Are Stored

One of a parent’s greatest jobs is teaching their kids how to become more independent as they get older. This independence should extend to your child being able to take care of some of their own hygiene and bathroom needs as well.

To help facilitate this for them, you should be strategic about how you layout your child’s bathroom and where you keep certain items stored. A.D. Thompson, a contributor to ApartmentGuide.com, shares that things that your child can and should be using on their own, like hair brushes, towels, and other autonomous items should be kept on lower shelves or cupboards. Things that they shouldn’t use on their own, like medicines or cleaning supplies, should be reserved for the higher storage shelves. 

Choose The Right Flooring

Because there’s usually a lot of splashing that goes on in a child’s bathroom, it’s important that you pick the right flooring to help the space stay safe and dry.

Ideally, HouseLogic.com shares that you should install non-slip flooring in a bathroom. This can include small tiles with lots of grout lines for additional traction when floors or feet are wet. Additionally, rougher tiles will also have more traction. 

If you want to make your kids’ bathroom more tailored for them, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you do just that.