Luxury Home Décor: How To Increase The Value Of Your Home

Creating the perfect living environment comes down to your own personal taste, but when it comes to selling your property in the future, there are some things that provide universal appeal. As not everyone wants a bright purple bathroom or leopard print furniture, there are plenty of aspects potential buyers do look for in a home that can help you increase the asking price. Here are a few tips to guide you on your future décor decisions.

Upgrade Your Bathroom & Kitchen

With your current layout, does your bathroom and kitchen have everything you’d want? Chances are if you feel something is missing or needed, a potential buyer may notice too. From space for an island in the kitchen, a stylish vertical radiator that uses the wall space, to faulty cupboard doors and leaky bathtubs, there could be many hidden issues in the two most practical and used rooms of your home. Review fittings and essential items like the oven, stovetop, and radiators to ensure these provide what a potential buyer would want. Whilst these are all things a new buyer can change themselves in time, having enhanced these areas beforehand will help justify a higher asking price. Keeping the room neutral or looking at on-trend colour schemes can help take this further.

Consider a Loft Conversion

If you have a loft that isn’t particular used apart from storing a few items, a loft conversion can be a great idea. This wouldn’t even need to be fully furnished, just the conversion itself so that carpet or wooden boards, plasterboard walls or similar are installed and there is easy access such as folding stairs rather than a ladder. Having this ready or already in place saves time for a potential buyer and again increases the potential value thanks to an additional guest room. Providing a light and practical layout to this will help buyers picture themselves using it.

Convert Your Garage or Cellar

Similar to a loft, if you have a cellar or garage that is little more than a dumping ground for old and unwanted items, you can look to convert these into fully functional rooms. These don’t even have to be bedrooms which tend to be a popular choice, instead, you can look to create a dining room if you didn’t already have one, or even a home office or study. If you have children, this can potentially be a playroom or family room. There are many great uses for a garage or cellar conversion and due to this, lots of potential added value. When decorating, avoid anything too brash or that another buyer couldn’t easily change to their own style.

Add a Conservatory to the Garden

If you don’t have the option for a loft, garage, or cellar conversion, or you already have these, then consider using the garden space. If you have a large enough garden, you could potentially extend the kitchen or living area with a conservatory. These can be popular as a dining space or just another room to relax in, providing plenty of natural light and warmth throughout the day. Again, as they provide further room in your home, these are a great way to add value in the longterm.

If you have the budget and time to create these property maximising ideas, there are some great examples of easy to implement room décor that looks stunning yet is affordably priced. Once complete, you should be able to add some value when the time comes to moving on in future.