How to Create a Chic New Look in Your Kitchen

Refreshing your interiors helps to keep your home feeling fresh, on trend and welcoming, so it’s always worth having a switch up every now and then. When it comes to the kitchen, it’s really easy to introduce new features or design staples to the space that will instantly add more life and character to the heart of the home. Whether you change the existing furniture pieces, or you invest in some statement décor pieces, there’s lots that can be done to add a chic new look to your kitchen

Update Cabinet Hardware

With so many using the kitchen frequently every day, it’s no surprise that handles and knobs can become worn and tired looking after a while. Surprisingly, changing cabinet hardware every few years can have a very positive impact on the overall look the kitchen. Introducing some stylish handles to your cabinets can bring a chic, on-trend touch to the whole room and instantly create a whole new look. Whether you opt for some brushed metal finishes, or you go for a new colour to switch things up, altering the cabinet hardware can be a very easy and often cost-effective change to make. 

Upcycle Furniture

It may not be the first thing you consider when going for a new look in the kitchen, but upcycling furniture can bring a tremendous amount of character to the kitchen. Not only is upcycling great for putting old furniture pieces to good use, but it’s a great way to add something unique to your home that nobody else will have in their interiors. You may have an old piece of furniture that you’ve been waiting to do something with, or perhaps you pick up a great find at the local charity shop, either way you can find some amazing pieces and turn them into something very special. 

Add a Statement

One great way to create a chic, new look in the kitchen is to bring a statement to the interiors. From bold wallpaper on statement walls to statement lighting, you can really change the whole aesthetic of the room and add some wow-factor to the overall décor. Statement lighting is a great way of utilising the ceiling space you have available, adding a chic chandelier or lighting fixture to draw the décor together beautifully and catch the eye the moment you enter the room. Another great thing about statement pieces is that they can be easily changed when you feel you want something new. Only making one bold change within the kitchen opens you up to an easier change further down the line. 

Create a Breakfast Bar

Having a casual dining space in the kitchen is ideal, especially in a busy family household. Breakfast bars are the perfect space to grab and go, having a quick breakfast whilst catching up with the family, not having to worry about setting the table or moving to the dining room to have a quick bite to eat. You can style breakfast bars in so many different ways, to really complement your existing décor style and bring a new feel to the space. It’s amazing how much of a difference the addition of a breakfast bar can make to a kitchen space.