A Guide to Luxury Garden Furniture

Summer is here, the weather is warmer, and it truly is a great time to make the most of your garden. Whether you simply want to relax in your stunning outside space, making the most of the sun and a good book with a glass of wine at hand or want somewhere to entertain your friends with al fresco dining, then there are some important decisions to be made.

In order to enjoy your garden fully, and of course use it to its full potential then you need to make sure that you have the right garden furniture for the job, otherwise your plans are going to fall rather flat.

If you are looking for luxury garden furniture that will fit into your lifestyle then let’s take a look at what you need to know to get the most out of your purchase.

Choosing the right furniture

When it comes to choosing luxury garden furniture it is important to start with the basics. This means working out exactly what it is you want. The absolute minimum you will probably want to purchase is a table and chair set and maybe a garden sofa. Other furniture items that are great for the garden are, of course, smaller tables and maybe some form of garden heater. The current trend is for fire pits.

Forget everything you thought you knew about luxury furniture for the garden, though. Things have come on quite a bit in recent years and the quality and level of comfort that you can find is far superior to what was previously available. Gone are the striped cushions that are reminiscent of deckchairs and in their place are stunning upholstery. Furniture comes in a range of materials so let’s take a brief look at each of them.

Rattan garden furniture

Traditional rattan is woven from palms however there are plenty of more durable and water resistant alternatives available. Rattan looks a little like straw weave, it is somewhat timeless and can in the right setting look incredibly elegant, think ferns and delicate feathery foliage. This is a great choice for both a classic and modern setting.

Rattan furniture looks natural and is incredibly robust and is even resistant to extremes in weather. With the right cushions it can be incredibly comfortable. The only issue to consider is do you have somewhere to store it during the winter as it is rather bulky.

Wooden garden furniture

This natural material is a very popular choice for garden furniture it is elegant yet down to earth and can really add character to your garden. There are some rather wonderful luxury woods available on the market and each has its own unique charms so there will be something that will work with whatever look you are striving for in your garden.

Luxury metal garden furniture

Rugged and durable metal has been used for garden furniture for a very long time. Modern metal garden furniture has a stunning simplicity to it that is effortlessly elegant. It has the distinct advantage that it can also be purchased in a range of different paints and finishes helping you bring your garden vision to life in sizes from small bistro sets to larger dining furniture.

You can leave metal furniture outside all year long as long as it has been treated properly and it will be fine. When paired with the right cushions and pillows it can be an incredibly comfortable choice and of course can be coordinated and changed to match the look you are striving for in your outdoor space.

Whatever material you choose, purchasing quality luxury garden furniture from a reputable supplier will ensure you enjoy a great looking garden for more than just this summer.