The top 5 things to look for when choosing a Monaco real estate agency to work with

Finding the right estate agent to work with when buying or selling property can make all the difference. This is especially true in highly competitive markets like Monaco, which was recently crowned as the world’s most expensive real estate market for the third year in a row.

The best Monaco real estate agents will be able to offer expert advice, guidance and, of course, will boast a network of contacts to help you find the right property or buyer quickly and efficiently.

Monaco’s fast-moving and competitive real estate market makes it critical that you select the right real estate broker in Monaco. If you are buying or selling property and are unsure how to choose the right real estate agent, then keep on reading. Here’s our guide to the top five things to consider when choosing the right Monaco real estate agency to work with.

How to choose the best Monaco real estate agency

1 – An expert on the local real estate

As the world’s most expensive place to buy property, you need an expert. The best Monaco real estate agents boast in-depth knowledge and industry insights. When it comes to Monaco’s fast-moving real estate market, they have their fingers on the pulse. They will be able to advise on the various benefits of Monaco’s districts and the latest new developments – even before they have been publicly announced. The best Monaco real estate agents will also advise on the best price to buy or sell, drawing their expertise from the latest real estate market data.

2 – Access to Monaco’s best properties

If you are buying property, it goes without saying that you want to work with a Monaco real estate agency that has access to a superb portfolio of properties, such as agency La Costa Properties Monaco. Of course, the best agents offer a portfolio of the finest properties, including studios, apartments, penthouses, and rare super-prime villas. But it’s not just about on-market properties. Monaco’s most experienced real estate brokers will also have extensive connections and knowledge of off-market properties, allowing buyers to purchase the most sought-after properties.

3 – Able to work around your schedule

With busy lives, you should choose a Monaco real estate broker who can work around your schedule, whether buying or selling. The best real estate brokers in Monaco will carry out viewings at times that suit you, even if that means late in the evening or during the weekend. Not only are the best real estate agents flexible with their time, but they are generous with it as well. Make sure you choose an estate agent who will go the extra mile to find you the ideal property that perfectly matches your need or quickly secures you a buyer that maximises the value of your property.

4 – Marketing savvy

A property is likely to be one of your largest assets, so you’ll want to work with a marketing savvy agent that can market your property to a qualified audience, helping you to not only secure a swift sale, but one that also maximises your return on investment. Most buyers start their search online, so an agent that is tech-savvy and has a strategic digital plan to market your property is a must. Check how easy it is to view their property listings online, what social media platforms they are on, and what other property database listings they subscribe to.

5 – An agent you can trust

Always pick an agent you can trust. After all, they will be guiding you with buying or selling one of your largest assets. Monaco’s best agents act with the highest levels of professionalism and discretion. Finally, always work with a Monaco real estate agency that is a member of a professional real estate governing body, such as the La Chambre Immobilière de Monaco, which represents Monaco’s leading real estate agents.

 Whether you are buying or selling, with the right Monaco real estate agent at your side, you can enjoy a seamless and successful experience.