Best Tapware Brands Australia

If you are looking for new tapware for your home, be it your bathroom or kitchen, then you may have been somewhat overwhelmed by the enormous range of choice which you will find here. With different styles to choose from, different colors and function, not to mention different materials, this can often be a minefield when it comes to home renovation.

One of the best points to start from however, when it comes to choosing bathroom or kitchen taps, is to focus on a high quality brand, which has gained a reputation for creating beautiful and high quality pieces. From here your choices will be made easier, and these are some of the country’s best brands which you could look at.

Gessi Taps

Gessi’s range of ornate and durable kitchen and bathroom taps have really made them one of the nation’s leading tap brands. This company often specializes in a galvanic finish to their taps which provides a depth of color and real character to their smartly designed taps. Prices for Gessi taps would be considered mid-range, making them an ideal choice for anyone who is looking to bring some real style into the home, without breaking the bank.

Armando Vicario Taps

If there are any of you who wish to turn their bathroom or kitchen into a classical design paradise, Armando Vicario is the tapware company which you should be looking to. They create these delightful Provincial tap designs which feature chrome with white hands and that classic lever style. For farmhouse-kitchens and old-style bathrooms, this is certainly the option for you.

Park Avenue Taps

Park Avenue specialize in bathroom taps, creating both wall mounted mixers and sink taps. This company often work with brushed chrome, using a lacquered finish to give the taps a little more character. Park Avenue create sleek and simple taps which work well in a wide range of bathroom styles. Cost-wise this is at the low end of the budget spectrum, yet there is absolutely nothing that would make you think that once you see the quality of their products.

Poco Taps

Poco create simple and funky shaped bathroom and kitchen taps and they are a low cost and highly attractive option for you. Usually the company will use brushed metals for their products, and they often do without the bells and whistles which many may look to use on their products. This simplicity however can fit in just about anywhere, and with any style of kitchen or bathroom you could think about. In terms of the highest quality budget tap option, there is nowhere better to look than Poco.

Lucia Taps

And finally we have Lucia, who offer a high end, pricy and beautiful range of products for the bathroom. From dual bathroom mixers to sleek, wall-mounted taps, the finishes of these products are absolutely delightful, with a focus on real quality and good functionality. Those going for a luxury bathroom should start here.

These are some of the country’s leading tapware brands and where you may wish to start when seeking out your new taps.