Give a Hotel Feeling to Your Bathroom

Elegance, luxury, style and a fresh aroma are key things that remind you about your hotel stay. A hotel stay becomes more memorable when you enjoy a nice shower. Those little bottles of shampoo and body wash adds on to your glorious experience. With an amazing ambience and great selection of showers and other amenities they create a pleasant memorable experience for you.

We all deserve that luxury feeling and can afford it with a few simple tips:

Upgrade your towels

High quality textiles such as soft and fluffy towels, bathrobes and bath sheets always add grace to your bathroom experience. Having a few high-quality towels would give you a great feel, you can also get them in different cool colours you can also change them according to season.

Get some decent accessories

Adding a nice table l amp, getting a good range of toiletries, cool hangers etc can add grace to the look of your bathroom. Add some lights to either side to make things look more pleasant.

Bring in some nature

There are plants which are healthy and are great to sustain indoors and in a humid environment, get some house plants which would be an add on to make your bathroom look amazing. Plants like Orchids, Bromeliads, Chinese evergreen, Bamboo etc could go great with the ambiance you create.

Select the best fit shower

Selecting the right shower itself can be a tedious task. We have to select the right fit, which is eye catching, match the theme, is in your budget and can fit best with the plumbing system and water pressure. Making sure you select the right one can change your shower experience a lot as its the main feature in your bathroom.

Work on the space

Making sure you have ample of space to move around and not making the bathroom stuffed a lot is also an art. Keeping the storages, shelves etc in a way that they do not appear as obstacles and don’t look odd is something we should look for. Having sufficient space is a must so that you can be more comfortable.

Brace the senses 

It’s been said that people remember things or can memorise moments by fragrance. It’s because our mind enjoys the freshness and captures moments and visuals l inking them to the aroma. Having some nice collection of scented soap, candles, shampoo and air fresheners can collectively provide you a different experience which you can cherish and create memories from.

If you’re thinking of upscale your bathroom and to have a hotel like experience, then the

above tips will help you to get the right things done.