The Landscaping Trends That Led 2018

So, the year is ending, and it’s time to look back and find out what trends really led the pack in 2018’s landscaping world. Every year we find new things that come along and grab the imagination of those who love plants, lawns, and gardens and the thousands of ways they find to bring them to life. Come with us as we examine where this year took us, and what it might have to say about next year’s trends.

Interior ‘Plantscaping’

During the 1970’s houseplants were all the rage and finding new ways to care for them and fill your home with the bright verdant life they could bring was on everyone’s minds. Based on what we can see looking back over 2018 it appears that that trend has come to the forefront once again, with thousands of people indulging in the joy that is the houseplant. Experts speculate that this return to the houseplant is being driven by rising housing costs, fewer people living in stand-alone homes, and the rise of the green movement.

The Lawns Are Shrinking

But the square footage isn’t getting any smaller. If you’re wondering how that could possibly work the answer is simple, homeowners are taking up the use of raised beds while real estate developers are looking to include more square footage in the house without devoting as much lot space to the lawn itself. While experts think that this may be shifting back the other direction as people crave more lawns with smaller housing footprints, only 2019 can tell.

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Backyard Wildlife Sanctuaries

Backyards aren’t just being used for family gatherings anymore; they’re also being used as wildlife sanctuaries. This is accomplished with careful foliage choices, the inclusion of bat and bird houses, and especially the utilization of plants that draw in hummingbirds, butterflies, and bees. For some this is an act of social consciousness, for others, it’s merely a love of all things wild and a desire to be able to see them in their own backyard.

Green Is the Thing

Recent years have seen a decline in the beautiful green lawn movement, but that trend is starting to swing back the other direction. 2018 saw a resurgence in homeowners who wanted to have lawns that were healthy and green. These homeowners were spending more time working on their lawns to help restore their beauty while focusing on ensuring that the impact made on the environment while doing so was reduced. This trend seems to be growing in strength, so expect to see more beautiful lawns in front of your neighbor’s homes in coming years.

Tulips Have Returned

There was a time when Tulips were a surprisingly important part of the beauty of a home, so much so in fact that Tulips once had a massive impact on the world economy. In the past decade, Tulips haven’t been as popular of a choice for decorating, but this also seems to be reversing. Unsurprising considering there are more varieties of tulips than ever available on the market.

If you’re looking to make a splash in the landscaping world in 2019, then these trends of the past year will give you a jump on the one to come. People are getting more inventive than ever with their landscaping plans, and we’re all excited to see what the coming year has to offer. With fall coming on it’s the perfect time to start planning your lawn and garden adventures, so don’t wait!