Five Cutting Edge Home Decor Trends Of 2018

If you’re planning on breathing new life into your home and making it fit for 2018, read up on the latest home décor trends right here. Interior designers are adopting a number of trends and styles to create better homes, so let’s explore some of the most talked-about trends below.

1. Spa bathrooms. Over recent months, more and more spa bathrooms have been featured on social media platforms such as pinterest. It’s said that searches for the term “bathroom spa” have risen dramatically over recent times, with growing numbers of homeowners investing in sizeable jacuzzi baths with subtle accents. It seems the demand for hotel-style bathrooms is showing no signs heading into decline.

2. Leather and velvet. Leather and velvet have been enjoying a massive renaissance recently. Leather is finding its way into more and more bedrooms, with velvet furnishing also becoming more prominent. Velvet is becoming an increasingly popular choice for sofas, with more and more customers seeking fabrics that they can almost melt into.

3. Earthy neutral colors. Also proving incredibly popular this year are earthy neutral tones such as greens and olives. Green and sage are frequently paired with cream to provide warmth to spaces and has started to gain substantial prominence over colors like stone and beige. Moody colors like navy, emerald green, and violet are also playing a pivotal role in defining the home décor styles of 2018. Many interior designers are adding clashing shades to walls but delivering harmony to spaces through carefully-chosen accessories and furnishings.

4. Compact living. With homes getting smaller, the demand for suitable home décor solutions is on the rise. There is a growing requirement for products that are suited to a range of functions and styles, including modular sofas and storage units. One factor fueling this trend is that more and more of us are renting rather than purchasing our homes, which means we require furniture and accessories that can be packed up and transported with ease.

5. The decline of the wall-mounted TV. Sizeable wall-mounted TVs seem to be losing their appeal remarkably, with more and more customers returning to TV units. Though wall-mounted TV sets can help us save space, they are not always regarded as practical or visually pleasing, which means more of us are removing them from our walls and replacing them with artwork and vibrant colors. Many painters Charlotte NC are being tasked with working on walls where plasma TVs once resided. Corner sofas are also on the rise and are ideal for open plan spaces, with many coming complete with inbuilt storage spaces.

Other home décor trends gaining greater prominence in 2018 include the return of the indoor plant and the resurgence of the statement carpet. Tropical prints are also proving popular this year, as are metallic accents and marble. Simply by exploring the latest modern trends and taking advantage of tips from leading home décor experts, you can breathe new life into your space and make your home a better place to live.