Key Features for Designing a Good Smoking Room

Having a smoke room is a great way to enjoy your cigars and other tobacco products in the house. With a smoke room, you can retreat to your space, enjoy your smoke without exposing other people to the smoke and smells. Here are some 7 key features to designing a good smoking haven.

Location, Location, Location

One of the first things to do when designing a smoking room is selecting an appropriate location. Whether you plan to use a shed, a basement, or a vacant room, it’s best to choose a location well-removed from the living spaces. This is very important to prevent infusing the house with smoke or impacting other people’s health in the house.

Good Ventilation Is Your Friend

After the location, the next most important thing to consider when setting up a smoke room is ventilation. The key to a good smoking room is having enough air to go around and also filtering your smoke properly. If you are worried about not having enough ventilation, you can consider installing a grid by the door, creating gaps in the ceiling, or investing in an air exhaust system.

Doors and Doorways

When it comes to the doors, it’s best to have something that opens inward to reduce the amount of smoke that spreads when the door is opened. An inward opening room helps contain the smell to a room, so it doesn’t have to spread around the house. Also, it’s a great idea to have a door that shuts after someone enters and leaves the room.

Furniture and Decor

Furniture and decor have the transformative power to make a simple room look like a haven. When designing your room, you should consider furnishing and decorating it according to your own personal style. First, you need comfortable seating to relax while smoking; you can go for a couch, floor pillows, or loveseat.

You can decorate the wall with arts, paintings or wallpaper that you love or suits the smoking lifestyle. Also, you can paint the room an earthly room like chocolate or marron for a traditional and cozy look. Another essential decor piece is the lighting; you can go for black lights, led bulbs, or glow in the dark lights, depending on your style.

The Window Coverings Matter

There are different window covering materials, and for your smoking room, you want a breathable, easy-to-clean fabric that won’t hold onto smoke. Heavy curtains like drapes will absorb the smoke you are trying to filter out and hold on to the smoke smells. However, using wooden blinds or breathable materials like burlap won’t hold onto smoke.

Smoking Accessories

The equipment you use to smoke is also a key feature for designing a good smoking room. For example, you may need tobacco storing products, lighters, ashtrays, clippers, and a humidor that protects cigars from losing their flavor.

Make It Your Own

The primary reason many people love having a smoking room is to create a personal space. For this reason, you should design your smoking space to represent your style and exude a vibe that makes you comfortable.

There are a lot of ways to personalize your smoke room. The first step to designing a good smoke room is selecting a good location, and the rest comes down to your personal preference and style.