Five Ways to Make a Room Seem More Luxurious

Our home used to be the sanctuary we came home to at the end of a long day, but now for many it also doubles as their place of work. However you use your home, it is important to make it a place that you enjoy being. A cluttered space with drab décor won’t lift your spirits and you’ll find it difficult to relax if your rooms are stressing you out.

Turning your home into a luxurious haven doesn’t have to break the bank. Simply placing the right accessories such as an antique fireplace is often enough to lift the atmosphere in even the smallest space. Here are out top tips for adding a little luxury to your home.

1. Refresh Your Colour Scheme

Updating the colour scheme can really change the feel of a room, and costs much less than a new piece of furniture. Dark colours on walls and doors, contrasted with bright white woodwork, can instantly make any room feel more luxurious. If you’re worried about dark colours making the room, feel smaller, why not just highlight a feature wall instead?

Don’t be tempted to purchase large fabric pieces in bright, trendy colours or you will find yourself stuck in that palette for the lifespan of your sofa. Instead, you will find yourself with more freedom to change things around if you stick to buying large pieces in neutral colours and accessorising with splashes of bright tones. Changing your cushion covers and throws with the seasons is a lot cheaper than changing your entire suite.

2. Build a Room Around One Piece

Most rooms in your house have a central piece of furniture connected to their main purpose, the kitchen table, sofa, or bed. If this is where you’re going to spend most of the time, then that is where it’s worth investing your cash in a high-end model. Nothing will make your bedroom seem more luxurious than the presence of a comfortable bed, like these from Divan Bed Centre. Divan beds offer added storage, meaning you can keep your sanctum clutter-free with ease.

3. Search Out High-End Materials

Some materials automatically look more luxurious than others, like marble, crystal, antique gold, and solid wood. You don’t have to install an entire marble suite though, a few touches of marble through bowls, ornaments, and frames, will have the same effect. Large antique frames are great for edging new mirrors, a set of coat hooks, or just hanging empty to accentuate a space. 

4. Upgrade Knobs and Handles

A speedy way to instantly upgrade any cupboard, drawer, or wardrobe, is by changing the handles. You can uplift any tired kitchen or a bland bedroom with unique ceramic or metal doorknobs. Choose something chunky for wooden units but opt for something more delicate if they’re painted. You can choose a contrasting colour, maybe one which matches the walls, or stick to something classic like brushed chrome or antique gold. Add a few matching accessories to keep the feeling of luxury going around the entire room.

5. Make a Feature of Your Lights

Light fittings are another easy way to upgrade the feel of a room. You don’t have to go for the full crystal chandelier either, in fact the best way to create an upmarket feel is to move away from central light fittings and pepper the room with lamps and warm white bulbs. This will also make your rooms feel cosy and more intimate. Choose lamps with a crystal base for glamour but don’t be tempted by crystal lampshades – you don’t need a disco ball in your living room!

In Summary

Having a luxurious home can lift your spirits and improve your mental health, and it doesn’t need to cost the earth. With a few splashes of colours and some carefully chosen accessories, any room can look its best.