How to Turn Your House into a Luxury Home

There are endless possibilities when you take on a home conversion. Depending on your aims, you either embark on a big renovation or simply swap out old furnishings for newer ones. If your goal is to turn your house into a luxury home and then sell it on, there are many ways to go about it. Below are a few ideas to get you started.

Remodel the Bathroom

A bathroom remodel can instil a real sense of luxury into a home. Depending on how old your existing bathroom is, a remodel gives you a chance to update all the fixtures and plumbing, while splashing out on some luxury accessories and features such as modern tiling, lighting, and flooring. 

Invest in a Conversion

Conversions can also add a lot of value to your home while also increasing the luxury factor. Loft conversions, especially, can increase space and create a quiet haven away from the rest of the house. It’s estimated that loft conversions can add as much as 20% value onto your home. These kinds of conversions have become especially popular after lockdown, with many people still working remotely. Although conversions can cost a lot upfront, they are worth it in the long run.

Invest in High-End Furnishings

Another way to add luxury to your home is to invest in high-end furnishings. If you have the budget to do so, this could include everything from the furniture to the décor. Other tips for increasing the luxurious feel are to add plenty of light using mirrors, skylights, and windows. You could also get specific and incorporate antique gold, marble, or solid wood throughout your home. These small (but expensive) touches can truly transform the wow factor of your home.

Add Houseplants

Both real and fake houseplants can also do wonders for spicing up a room. Not only do plants add colour, but they can uplift the space and make it feel a bit more glamorous. To achieve a more luxury feel, opt for beautiful plant pots and choose an array of different plants (for example, hanging plants or large plants that take up an entire area).

Create Space

Along with a conversion, creating space is another fantastic way to make a space more luxurious. Whether it’s rearranging, decluttering, or knocking down a wall to create a bigger room, enlarging the space can add value to a home and make it feel more elegant. While it may seem expensive, there are ways to create space on a budget. However, if you’re aiming to sell your home or rent it out, you may also want to check with property management companies near me to find out what regulations you need to comply with first.

Upgrade the Lighting

Lamps and light fixtures add a lot to a space. If you want to turn your house into a luxury home, swapping out old lamps for fancier versions can make a world of difference. Ceiling lamps should also be upgraded to more modern styles, whether by using halogen-style lighting or adding upscale light fixtures on the ceiling.