Top 8 Home Features Guaranteed to Add Value to Your Home and Sell it Faster

Imagine the scenario, you visit a listed home in search of your dream home and find a feature you desperately wanted but were not interested in spending money on. Of course, you will give a big thumb’s up to this home and may even get around to buying it eventually. Features add value to homes and attract potential buyers. If you are wondering what these features are, read on.  

#1 Kitchen

The most important part of a home is the kitchen. According to real estate experts, an upgraded kitchen fetches the highest returns. There are plenty of changes you can make in your kitchen, depending upon your budget, that improves its looks. You can repaint the walls, replace old tiles, introduce newer appliances, install a pot rack, replace old kitchen cabinets with the now popular open shelving. See to it that all your kitchen appliances are functional.

#2 Bathroom 

The second most important room in your home is the bathroom. A potential buyer is sure to inspect the bathroom carefully and test everything installed in it. So, keep it spic and span, and remove all dirt and grime embedded in the tile joints. Get grouting done if needed. Ensure everything is functional, faucets are not dripping; geysers are in working order, and the like. You can also replace a drop sink with an under-mount sink. If you don’t already have a marble or granite countertop, go for it. This will enrich your bathroom. Ensure even lighting around the mirror with no side shadows. If you can spend, get heated floors that are preferred by most. 

#3 Home exterior

A bright and sparkling home attracts buyers, while a dingy one repulses them. Have a good look at your house from the outside. Does it have a curb appeal? Your house should appear structurally sound and welcoming. Enhance the beauty of your exterior by lining the walkway with flowers or lanterns, paint your front door, beautify your front yard. Also, fill up any cracks in the wall. Repaint the roof and walls, if required. Pay special attention to cleaning up around the house. Mow the lawns and trim the hedges. Add flowerbeds to make the exterior colorful. Don’t only focus on the front of the house, but on the sides and rear too. 

#4 Cleanliness

A well-maintained house is appealing to the eye. Tackle maintenance issues as they arise, since they may cost a bomb at a later date if neglected. Be meticulous in regularly cleaning your house, so that dirt and junk don’t accumulate over time. Get mold infestation removed and engage professionals to be deep cleaning your home. Remove junk and unnecessary furniture and other items to make the rooms look roomier and clutter-free.  

#5 Amenities

Fireplaces have a charm of their own, the reason why they don’t go out of fashion. Install one, if you don’t have one since it is a highly sought-after amenity. Another item that is bound to enhance the value of your home is a walk-in closet. These spacious floor-to-ceiling closet with a ladder to store and fetch items add to the appeal of your home. 

#6 Additions

If you want to command a good price for your house, spend money to add to its appeal. You can add outdoor kitchens with pizza ovens, trickling fountains, and the like. Since Americans love their garage, a three-car garage will always be a big draw. An extra garage may not necessarily accommodate a car but does offer extra storage space. You can also add features like tennis courts, in-ground pools, and even solar panels for climate-conscious buyers or those wanting to keep their power bills to the minimum. While laying a tennis court may set you back by $50,000, solar panels are also not cheap. A 5-kilowatt system of 20 panels costs around $25,000 to $35,000. 

#7 Smart home technology

Smart home technology incorporates interconnected appliances or internet-controlled thermostats. However, nowadays, people increasingly prefer simple control centers, such as Amazon Echo and Goggle Home, operated by smart devices. Nothing is more appealing to prospective buyers than a security system installed in the home. It increases home safety and also saves the homebuyer’s money. 

#8 Specialty rooms

For ordinary homes, adding specialty rooms may not be possible, but those homes with dedicated specialty rooms are much sought-after. Specialty rooms include theater rooms, home gyms, and mudrooms. A mudroom is a secondary entrance to the home where one removes and stores footwear, outerwear, and wet clothing, before entering the main house. It adds to the cleanliness of the house. 


Improving and upgrading your home to make it sale-ready is not limited to these tips. You can try any creative idea you have. The fact remains that the more appealing the house, the more price it will command and faster it will sell-off.