How To Clean a Kitchen Hob

If you are not on the front foot when it comes to maintaining and cleaning your kitchen hob then soon this can become thick with gristle, dirt, fat and grime. The key to a clan hob is regular cleaning after use and there are some handy tricks which we have for you that will ensure your hob stays grime-free. There may be a lot of products on the market which you can use to clean this area of the kitchen, but we prefer some good old-fashioned home solutions which you can use to keep that hob spick and span, let’s take a look.

Tips on Cleaning the Area

When you are cleaning your gas hob always be sure that you have let it cool down after cooking, the glass and metal can stay hot for quite some time. Also be sure that you are wearing gloves here, to protect your skin from the solution which you are using and to ensure that you don’t end up with fat and grease below your finger nails.

Soapy Water

If you are someone who regularly cleans the kitchen hob then you should only really look to use soapy water and a microfiber cloth with which to clean the area. If you are cleaning a glass surface then never use citric acid or scouring cloths, as this can easily damage the glassware. Microfiber cloths will ensure that you get plenty of absorption and enough friction to pull away grease and fat.

Vinegar and Soda

If you are cleaning a ceramic or metal hob then you can utilize a great solution made up of vinegar and baking soda, which is great for really tackling that grease and grime. Simply sprinkle some baking soda across the hob and then drip vinegar across the space. Allow the mixture to combine for a few minutes and then dampen a towel in warm water. Place the towel over the mixture of vinegar and baking soda and leave it for 20 minutes. Finally take off the towel and wipe down the surface with a damp cloth. This should leave your kitchen hob very clean and shiny.


Now if you have a hob which is made of ceramic, metal or glass, and you have let things slip a little, you can use a scraper to really get that muck and grim off. Always ensure that you buy a silicon scraper and that you don’t use a metal scraper for the job. If you use metal then you can very easily scratch the surface of the electric or gas hob. Prior to scraping off the grime, spray it with some vinegar so that you can loosen up the fat and dirt, this will make your life much easier indeed.

If you ensure that you clean your kitchen hob regularly then it will be a very quick job and one which won’t require too much elbow grease. Leave the hob too long however, and you are going to have quit a task on your hands.