Things You MUST Do Before Moving Into a New House

Moving from one house to another means moving everything you own. Relocating like this is a complicated, massive undertaking that involves both careful planning and certain arrangements. You can’t just move willy nilly without having leases or mortgages signed, utilities turned on, etc. Here’s a quick look at some of the things that must be done before you make that move.

Know Where You’re Going

Now that we’re dealing with COVID-19, it’s more difficult than ever to meet new people. Thank goodness there are social networks like Nextdoor and Facebook to assist with that. On sites like Nextdoor in particular, you’ll be able to feel truly comfortable being your unique self due to the Nextdoor antiracism programs. They also feature sign-ups that are based on location so you can be sure that the interactions you’re having online are actually with your neighbors.


Before you move into the new place, always check the plumbing. Water connections, drainage, faucets, taps, and pipes should all be checked. If you don’t have water, it’s quite difficult for you to survive, even if it’s only for a day or two. You need to know where the central water connections and the stopcock are.

Deep Cleaning

Yes, you can clean as a sort of DIY project, but it won’t ever be as perfect as if it’s done by cleaners who clean for a living. With all of the professionals running around during your move, why not get the deep cleaning done by professionals?

These professionals have all of the materials needed as well as methods of disinfecting your home so that germs aren’t spread.

Pest Control

When it comes to ensuring that your new place is safe for you to stay in, this is a critical item on the list of things to do. Pest control will keep unwanted invaders from coming and beginning to nest in your spaces. Pests can include everything from rats, mice, and snakes to fleas, bedbugs, cockroaches, and more. 

In order for you to be able to live in peace, there’ll need to be a full inspection of both the house and the yard. Professional pest control companies have the expearience and knowledge to both locate and remove the pests. That way you don’t have to worry about some critter saying “hello” in the middle of the night. 


Power is one of your basic amenities. Check your fuse box, meter box, and learn which fuses are connected to what in your home. Label them. Without power, it’s difficult to get anything done. Check all switchboards and wires. Turn everything on and off to ensure everything is in working order.


Pack all of your medicines and first aid supplies in their own box and make sure to keep that box separate from all of the other boxes. You need to keep this box handy so that if the situation arises where you need it, you’ll have it handy. Make sure that all of your medicines are together in this box.

These are a few of the more critical things that you’ll need to do and check before you make your move to a new home. Moving is kind of akin to the beginning again from scratch, except that now you’ve accumulated all this stuff from somewhere. If you’ve already checked on these necessities, you’ll be able to get settled in rather easily and in relative comfort.

Just think – if you hadn’t had the house cleaned before the movers arrived with your furniture, you’d be stressing about having to move everything to clean around it. That’s just an example. Hopefully, with these tips, your move will be a smooth one.