Best Designer Kitchen Taps and Sinks

Kitchen sinks and taps were once thought of as pragmatic aspects of the kitchen area, yet in recent years homeowners are focusing on the aesthetics as much as they do functionality. As more and more people look to create stylish and inviting kitchens, there is more onus than ever before on ensuring that the sink area and the taps, fit in seamlessly with the overall style of the space. 

In line with this there are many high end companies which have designed some seriously impressive kitchen taps and sinks, that can help buyers achieve the look they want. These are some of the best designers which you should be looking to when you remodel your kitchen

Piazza Kitchen Sinks 

When it comes to kitchen sinks look no further than Piazza, a company which is changing the way that we think about sinks altogether. This designer lays heavy focus on high grade materials like copper and other top quality metals to deliver luxury and functional sink choices. Whether you are looking for single or double bowls, 3/4 sinks or artisan design, this is the designer you should seek out. 

Lago Sinks 

To those looking for stylish yet affordable sinks, Lago is a great designer to consider. These sinks come in a variety of sizes and mount options, and they focus on simplicity with high quality and durable materials. A single bowl sink can be purchased for as little as $638 and they have extra options for those looking for second bowls or limited space sinks. 

Inedito Kitchen Taps 

We have seen a big shift amongst those buying kitchen taps and more people now want a mixer option above their sink. One of the finest choices here is the designer Inedito which offer some of the finest dual function mixers on the market. Prices range from $770 to around the $1300 mark, and materials such as brushed and polished chrome are some of their more commonly bought options. 

Officine Taps 

Some designers really like to push the boat out with their style choices, and Officine is a perfect example of this. Adding splashes of colors such as red handles on taps made using brushed and polished metals, really help to set these taps apart. This is the perfect option for those who are looking to make a style statement in the kitchen area. 

Just Sink 

There are also some designers who will sell a kitchen tap and sink package, and Just Sink is a great option for this. The designer delivers high quality stainless steel and copper sinks, along with a range of sleek and stylish kitchen taps and mixer options. This is the ideal choice for those who wish to maintain the same design quality and style around the sink area in the kitchen. Additionally this makes for a simple purchase for both sink and taps in the kitchen. 

There are many designers to choose from the it comes to buying kitchen sinks and taps, and these are some of our favorite picks.