Why Glass Fencing is Superior to Wood and Metal Fencing

How do you feel when you remember the good old days of bulky telephones, black and white television sets, and funny-looking antique cars? No doubt, you feel nostalgic, although not totally. You only long for the old ways because of the memories they bring and not necessarily the functionality they serve. This is the same situation with wooden fences, metal fences, and glass fences.

Should you stick with traditional methods of protecting and beautifying your home even though it has outlived its relevance? Why were wood and metal the preferred method of fencing the market? They were inexpensive, had established market dominance, and were manageable for the atmospheric conditions then. Is it still the same now or has glass fencing systems taken over?

Let’s subject the three fencing systems you want to bring together to the same metrics. Cost-effectiveness, durability, and security offered, and a concomitant increase in value.

Cost of Glass Fences and Other Fences

The obvious answer here is that glass fences are more expensive to install and metal is extremely cheap. While this is true, you fail to acknowledge how long they last for, how much they incur along the way, how they increase the value of the home, etc. All these are important metrics to track when trying to understand the cost-benefit of these fences. Because glass fencing ideas are easy to implement and are not difficult to maintain, it is the superior technology with impressive cost-saving tech.

Glass Railings are Preferred for their Strength

You might begin to wonder how glass railings and glass fences are strong at all. Well, here’s how. When we talk of durability, we need to consider how much these fencing ideas can withstand battering and attack, how well they are affected by the weather, etc. A glass fence is made of tempered glass, treated at very high temperatures.

The treatment ensures that it is not susceptible to termite attack, moisture, rust, or lack of shine. Glass fencing systems are free from all these and in the long run, they will prove to be more durable and reliable.

Glass Pool Fences are Perfect for Security

Security, in ages past, included a huge, scary gate which was almost impossible to knock or scale, threatening dogs, in case intruders enter, and a gatekeeper to drag disturbers outside. A glass fence does not require all that.

There’s no chance of any other person or system breaking through the security of a glass gate. This is because of the self-closing and self-latching features readily available in the system. It is also transparent and this makes it perfect for monitoring activities outside your home.


Even though the reasons are compelling enough, many people might still reject the shift to these ultra-modern glass fencing system. Apart from the listed benefits, they are also superior aesthetically and will definitely increase the value of your home if there’s any need to sell or lease.