Make It Modern – 5 Design Tips to Bring Your Kitchen into 2019


The 2019 kitchen is trending toward naked and natural, both in color and material composition. The all-white kitchen still firmly holds its popularity with its connotations of cleanliness and sanitation, but the modern update is to add pieces that will make the kitchen pop. Below are five different ways you can modernize your kitchen.

1. Open Shelving

Time to ditch those cabinet doors and put your artisanal pieces on display with open shelving. To upgrade the appearance of your kitchen when everything is visible, you will have to employ minimalist and organizational tactics. Dishes will look better in smaller, matching sets, plastic pieces will no longer have a home, and you may have to donate those 42 extra coffee cups you have accumulated from various events. Your new open shelving can give your kitchen credibility when you show off the best cookware sets and cutlery. As for the material composition of the shelves, the world is your oyster.

2. Industrial Finishes

Concrete is still a heavy favorite for countertops for kitchen design. This substance, unlike many others, is relatively inexpensive, which allows more people the opportunity to attempt to make their countertops themselves. The versatility of concrete will enable you to add color to it, form it into any shape, and even bedazzle it with stones or chips of glass. As you shape it, you can include every feature you have ever wanted from a hole for a soap dispenser to a built-in cutting board. Once installed, a concrete countertop gives a warmer, more natural feel to the kitchen.

3. Mix Your Metals

Brass is the most popular finish for kitchens in 2019, but the trend is to mix it with other metals. The biggest mistake that you can make when deciding which metals to use is to choose two that are in the same color family—two that are almost similar but slightly different. That can give the appearance that you were unable to find the same finish for everything. Instead, opt for contrast in your metals to make the difference look intentional.

4. Inject Color

Whether your kitchen stays white or makes its way toward a more “Naked Kitchen” injecting color is vital. There are many places to add a statement color: your appliances, your furniture, your counters, your sinks, your faucets. Be sparing with your choices as the color becomes a focal point.

5. Think “Minimal”

One major goal of the modern kitchen is to have clear countertops and improved functionality. That means that you must review every item that you have on your shelves, in drawers, and on the countertop and ask yourself, “When was the last time I used this, if ever?” If you can’t remember, donate it. The next step is to review the size of the items you are keeping. Do you need the biggest version of everything or would a smaller size be just as functional in addition to taking up less space? By removing unnecessary items, you are creating a space with clean lines, which is more appealing to the eye.

If you don’t plan to remodel your entire kitchen in 2019, there are plenty of small changes you can make that will make it feel modern. You could choose new, open shelving and display artistic pieces. You could opt for including a variety of metal finishes or add splashes of color. Maybe the significant change is a DIY concrete countertop or fresh, clean lines created by thinking like a minimalist.