Key Interior Design Trends for 2019

Since the early months of the year are the times when many people think about giving their home a refresh, either for their own desires or to sell their property, now is a great time to consider what work you want to do to your house in 2019. In particular, it helps to look into some of the latest trends for inspiration. Read on for some top interior design trends you need to know about now.

Connecting With Nature

With sustainability becoming increasingly mainstream these days, interior design is also looking to nature for inspiration. A trend for this year is more of a focus on products made from sustainable materials like bamboo, jute, clay, rice paper and recycled timbers. People will be looking for handmade, organic pieces, rather than those mass-produced with no regard for the environment.

The idea of being more connected to nature is also a driving trend. People are looking to be more in touch with the outside world and are interested in bringing nature inside through plant life and earthy colors and materials. 2019 will see a growth in products in tones such as olive greens, earthen grays, burnt golds, ochre, terracotta, sand and browns and taupe in dusty to dark shades.

Maximalist Over Minimalist

After many years of minimalism, 2019 is also ushering in a new period — one of maximalist stylings. People are investing in large-scale art that takes up whole walls and has a big impact. There is also more interest in all things oversize, such as huge sculptures, lamps and decorative objects in general.

Maximalist leanings are felt when it comes to colors and prints, too. People are saying goodbye to neutral colors and simple materials, and opting for design based around bright shades, bold prints and graphic patterns. Designers are mixing all three together in interesting and even clashing ways, as well as utilizing more playful features such as lusters and pearlescents. Great examples can be see in modern bathrooms and kitchens.

Four-poster Beds

If you’ve always loved the idea of sleeping luxuriously in a four-poster bed, you’ll be pleased to know that this type of bedding is in. One reason for this may be that, with the uncertain political, social and economical climate, consumers are keen to enjoy more of a sense of safety and comfort in their homes. An encompassing bed frame can offer this.

In addition, people who like to binge Netflix shows from their bed can mount a TV right into a bigger frame and hardly have to leave the bedroom. If this appeals to you, check out these Miami TV mounting services for inspiration.

Jewel Tones

When it comes to colors, there is a current focus on beautifully rich jewel tones. For example, consumers are choosing to paint walls and decorate properties with items in emerald and hunter greens, look-at-me indigo, dark teal and other jewel-like shades.

These colors add drama to rooms, particularly bedrooms, dining areas and living rooms, when used against a backdrop of white architectural elements. Jewel tones are increasingly seen in rugs, pillows, couches, lampshades and other accessories and fabrics.

Patterned Backsplashes

While kitchens and bathrooms have been very much based around simple, monochromatic tastes for the past decade or so, there is now a trend for more impact in these important wet areas. In particular, boldly patterned backsplashes are becoming a thing. These are occurring in both bold color choices and in black-hued designs.

Floral Décor

Another rather unexpected trend growing right now is the use of floral décor in homes. People are going back to the traditional beauty of floral patterns in wallpapers, and fabrics used in all sorts of ways. Floral designs can be anything from the old-school chintz to abstract creations but are adding prettiness to even the most modern of homes around the country.

More Metals

Mixed metal accents are also having their day. Two to three different metal accents, such as pewter, gunmetal, gold, nickel, silver, aged iron or brass are being intermingled to create a striking look. Fixtures done in this manner provide texture and depth in a room, while mixed-metal accessories, when offered in moderation, also add interest to spaces.

Kitchens With Color

Lastly, decorators are moving away from all-white cabinetry, neutral countertops and stainless steel appliances and injecting a big shot of color into kitchens instead. Cabinets in dark moody shades like deep blues and greens or black are big right now, as are warmer-colored, dark countertops in complimentary colors to cabinets. Increasing numbers of people are choosing to buy brightly hued appliances too, including not just kettles, toasters, mixers etc., but also larger items like ovens and fridges.