Smart Technology Upgrades for Your Property

Certain technology upgrades can make living in your home better. These upgrades can also increase the value of your home. This article will discuss five smart technology upgrades for your property.

The first smart technology upgrade is the smart thermostat. A smart thermostat will adjust the temperature of the home when you leave and return home. A smart thermostat can help you save money by reducing heating and cooling when you are not in the home. Some smart thermostats have voice controls allowing you to change the temperature from your couch. If you like DIY projects, some smart thermostats do not require an HVAC specialist to install.

Another smart technology upgrade is an EcoBoost tuner for your vehicle. A tuner allows you to obtain better mileage, diagnose any problems, and add extra power. A tuner communicates with your vehicle’s computer through the OBD2 diagnostic port. Some tuners have advanced features such as transmission shift point adjustment, gauge monitoring, and speed limiter removal/set. A tuner also allows you to monitor vehicle performance to help avoid any future problems.

The third smart technology upgrade is a smart smoke detector. There are two ways to smarten up your smoke detector. The first way is to buy an entirely new unit, and the second way is to add technology upgrades to your existing unit. 

One of the most popular smoke detector units on the market is the Nest Protect. The Nest Protect has a green glow around the edges if the battery has power. If the power is low, the edges around the Nest Protect will glow red. The Nest Protect will glow red at least 24 hours before the batteries need to be replaced so that you can sleep without worrying about being woken up. The other less expensive option is to upgrade your existing smoke detector. A useful upgrade is the Roost Smart Battery that can be placed in any conventional smoke detector. The Roost Smart Battery will let you know if the battery is running low by a notification on your phone.

The fourth smart technology upgrade is an electric vehicle charging station. If you have an electric vehicle or plan to purchase an electric vehicle, installing a Level 2 electric vehicle charging station can make charging at home a quick and easy process. A standard electric vehicle charging station is just a regular outlet that you have in your home that can reach your vehicle. The problem with just using a regular outlet is the speed of charge. A regular outlet can only provide 100 miles of range to a vehicle with 30 to 50 hours of charge. 

A Level 2 electric vehicle charging station can provide 100 miles of range with only 2 to 5 hours of charge. A Level 2 electric vehicle charging station requires a dedicated electrical circuit of 20 to 100 amps. Installation generally costs in the range of $500 to $2000 and has to comply with local, state, and national regulations. Smart features for stations include displays with charging time, smartphone connections, and keypads.

The fifth smart technology upgrade for your home is a video doorbell. If the doorbell is pressed or there is motion sensed, your smartphone will be alerted while also saving a video clip. With some video doorbells, visitors can communicate with you through audio and video on your smartphone. These smart technology upgrades are a fun way to add value to your home.