6 Interior Design Trends To Get To Know

Interior design trends change the same as others do. Each year there are new emerging styles that offer a new perspective on how to decorate your home. Whether you’re talking about shapes, colors, or furniture, there are always new interior design trends to get familiar with.   

The best way to stay up to date with your interior design style is to keep up with the latest emerging trends.  Take a look at some of the most popular ones to keep your eye on this year.  

Big Windows  

Big is in, and small is out. If you’re looking to make any upgrades to your house this year, you should seriously consider starting with your windows. If you look in any interior design magazine or blog, you’ll see ceiling to floor windows with plenty of light streaming in.   

With big windows also comes the need for big window treatments. Make sure that you style them with anything from motorized shades to grilles. Whatever you do, make sure that your windows are making a big statement

Fluffy Furniture 

The results are in. People are loving curvy, soft, and fluffy furniture that makes them feel like they’re relaxing in a cloud.  

Whether you’re buying an armchair or an angled couch, consider opting for something that prioritizes comfort and design instead of just design. 

Outdoor Furniture 

We’re not talking about your grandma’s typical patio furniture. The latest trend is bringing traditional furniture outside with everything from glass side tables to full-fledged rugs. Creating an indoor space on the outside creates a surrealistic work of art that somehow feels just right! 

If you have a shaded backyard with a nook made for furniture, think twice before ordering traditional patio furniture, and instead consider something you might already have inside. 


Blue was the color of 2019, and green is the color of 2020. Everything from olive green to a bright lime is in. Forget about muted beiges and off whites, and go bold with a pop of verde!  

If you’re someone who typically opts for neutrals, you can start small and consider a muted pistachio. After a while, you may be ready to go for something even brighter! 


Get rid of that wallpaper and make room for paneling! Once upon a time, paneling might have made you think of an old 1970’s basement. However, paneling is back and considered more modern than ever.  

We’re not just talking about kitchens and bathrooms, either. People are paneling everything from their bedrooms to their kitchens! While wood paneling seems to be the most popular trend, there’s no material that’s off limits as long as it’s done tastefully. 


It’s time to go back to 1969, baby! Tapestries are the latest craze again, and the best kind of art to hang on your walls.  What’s old is new again, so call your grandma and tell her to pull those ready to hang pieces out of the attic!