White Bathroom Tiles – A Simple Method to Attain Timeless Elegance

Amidst the numerous color and texture options available in the market for bathroom tiles, the evergreen (pun intended) white bathroom tiles are still the most sophisticated way of furnishing your modern bathrooms.

Decorating a bathroom in modern homes is a hugely complicated task. It needs to be hygienic, fulfill all the required functionalities, and yet, needs to offer a certain amount of aesthetic appeal. With a heightened emphasis on its effect on personal well-being, it also needs to offer a relaxing atmosphere that calms the nerves.

Although white bathroom tiles are often considered as a maintenance hazard for restrooms, the myth can be easily debunked with the use of high-quality stoneware tiles. In fact, its evergreen appeal reintroduced using innovative manufacturing technologies can eliminate the need for any extra maintenance, while enhancing the elegance and prestige of your bathroom aesthetic in effortless serenity. So, let’s find out why you should consider using white bathroom tiles when it comes to renovating your bathroom from below.

Simply Never Out of Style

White is the most elegant and most acceptable color in any culture. It is also the most neutral that can be combined with any other color variants to mix and match to create a unique pattern. Due to its calming nature that profoundly affects the body and the mind and enhances clarity; it is also a color loved by all generations and experienced a massive increase in popularity in the 21st-century interior design.

The use of white tiles in bathrooms is not only limited to the floors. They can also be used to furnish the walls and even the ceilings. In fact, if you have a relatively smaller bathroom with little to no window to bring in natural lights, using the white tiles would help in opening up space and make it brighter.

The Many Shades of White Tiles

Just like any other color found in ceramic tiles, white bathroom tiles are available in a number of different shades. In the collection of Refin alone, you will get to choose your beloved white tiles among the options of chalk, ivory, cream, linen, beige, alabaster, paper, smoke, snow, pearl, whitewash, antique white, seashell and so on.

However, one pro tip would be to opt for a cold tone when it comes to bathroom tiles and then complement it all across the house by using a beige or vanilla tones. Combining two different shades of whites in different parts of your bathroom walls is also a good idea to add a little playful detailings into the design.

Recreate the Effects of Other Materials

If you would like to go a little further and make your bathroom truly unique, you can easily do so all the while remaining within the elegance of white. Thanks to meticulous research and the advancement of manufacturing techniques, some white bathroom tiles can exude the effects of other materials such as woods, metals, cement, etc.