3 Tips For Designing An Entertainment-Friendly Kitchen

Designing An Entertainment-Friendly Kitchen

If you love to host parties and get-togethers, you’ve got to have space within your home to make these things possible.

For most events, food is the one thing that can bring a group of people together. So when you’re holding an event at your home, it’s important that everyone can be involved with the preparation and enjoyment of your dishes. But in order to do this, you’ve got to have a kitchen that can facilitate this.

To help you create this perfect type of space, here are three tips for designing an entertainment-friendly kitchen.

Choose A Light Color Scheme

Regardless of the actual size of your kitchen, a lighter color scheme will help to make the whole area appear much bigger.

According to Better Homes and Gardens, you should consider this when picking your cabinets, as going with lighter shades will brighten up the room and make it feel like there’s more space to move and work. Additionally, you could make your countertops help with this as well by picking light colors or choosing a material like butcher block.

To take things even one step further, you should also try to bring in as much natural light as you can. By brightening things up in all areas of your kitchen, the space will really feel fresh and freeing.

Create An Open Floor Plan And Design

If you have any control over the layout of your kitchen, you should always opt for something that’s more open concept rather than sectioned off from the rest of the home.

Michele Koh Morollo, a contributor to Dwell.com, shares that when there are too many walls in the kitchen, including having an island that’s too close to the countertops or doorways, the whole space can feel claustrophobic. To combat this, try to create more space for people to move around by keeping the walls to a minimum, making the entrances doorless, and having the space flow freely into other areas of the home, like your dining or living rooms.

Make Kitchen Seating An Option

Since any parties or events you hold at your home will likely involve serving food, it’s important that your guests can be with you while you’re making or preparing these dishes. To help facilitate this more, Sarah Lonsdale, a contributor to Remodelista.com, suggests that you find a way to add seating options within the kitchen.

This could include anything from putting up stools around the kitchen island to bringing in a small table or breakfast nook. Whatever you can do to help make people feel more comfortable joining you in the kitchen will make the space much more entertainment-friendly.

If you love to entertain and want to have a home that makes this easy, consider using the tips mentioned above to help turn your kitchen into the entertainer’s dream.