Luxury Home Design And Concrete

We can’t talk about today’s luxury home designs without a nod to modernist architecture. Modernism as a style emerged in the early 20th century as a response to large scale changes in society and technology. Approached from a viewpoint that elimination of ornaments and rational use of materials allows for the exposure and truth of the buildings to shine, it paved the way for more simple construction and design features, rather than facades to become the face of the building.

Form follows function was the overarching principle and design should derive directly from the purpose.

The Use of Concrete Over Time

The use of reinforced concrete and steel as the construction medium, open-plan floors and large horizontal bands of windows became a recognisable characteristic of modernist architecture. Throughout the U.S. by the early 1980s, modernism had given way to Postmodernism as the most dominant style, a style that many countries have since followed. Postmodernism, a little disillusioned with the stark style created during the modernism era began to incorporate stylistic design, but concrete remained a key building material.

The versatility of concrete goes beyond a building material and is now found widely in use both indoors and outdoors. Featuring in many luxury homes, we ask the experts about some ways you can take advantage of the many uses and looks concrete has to offer.

Inside Your Home

  • Worktops and Workstations – This may sound like a bizarre idea, but when you realise that they will last a lifetime, not require regular maintenance, can be coloured in many different shades and finishes, a polished concrete worktop is actually a cost-effective and incredibly durable solution for busy kitchen environments.
  • Floors – Concrete flooring is not a new thing for basements, garages and utility areas and has for many years provided functional hardwearing flooring that is practical but certainly not beautiful or luxurious. That has all changed and concrete is now earning its place as a decorative, highly practical and cost-effective flooring choice for areas that require a more refined finish. It is now finding its place in lounges, kitchens and dining areas where the use of polished, etchable or stainable concrete creates a stunning, elegant and even colourful alternative to more traditional flooring choices.

The Great Outdoors

  • Patios – In much the same way we mention floors within the home, the same flooring can make a great patio outside. Luxury home design often incorporates the use of outside space to integrate seamlessly with indoors to create the feeling of space. Concrete flooring is one of the most perfect flooring choices to make this seamless transition and offers durability both inside and out.
  • Pools – Concrete pools require very basic maintenance and repairs, and its ability to be sculptured and shaped to form some of the highest quality and visually appealing swimming pools ever built certainly make it a great build choice.

Flexibility In Design

With many finishing choices available from polishing or painting, adding mosaic tiles or some of the delightful effects that can add sparkle or colour to the mix you can create unique and luxurious effects to suit your tastes. The strength and durability of reinforced concrete also make it the perfect choice for walls, outdoor workstations, barbecues and outdoor kitchens. It can even be used to create unique pieces of artwork and sculptures or make statement garden ornaments that will give a luxury feel to any home.

Luxury home builders are realising the value of concrete to create stunning homes. Features and landscapes, where interior fittings can complement the style and materials used externally, it is an extremely versatile medium that is becoming more widely used. Concrete is an environmentally friendly building material making a valuable contribution to green home builds and healthier homes for people living in them.