Wall Mounted vs Floor Mounted Toilet

If you are remodeling your bathroom then you are going to be faced with a choice when it comes to choosing between bathroom toilets. Beyond general style, color and materials, the first choice which you will have to make is between wall mounted and floor mounted toilets. Each of these options comes with its own benefits and disadvantages, and to help you make the choice this is exactly what we’ll be exploring today.

The floor mounted option is the most commonly bought, but this is not to say that it is the right option for you and for your new bathroom.

Wall Mounted Toilets

Wall mounted toilets may not be the most popular, but that is not to say that they cannot provide a great solution for your bathroom. The average cost of a wall hung toilet ranges between $1,000 – $3215, including installation. Now let’s take a look at the pros and cons which you can expect when you spend this money:


The main reason people like this option is the minimalist design which it brings, this is very much a classy option which will certainly work in a range of bathroom styles. We can also add space-saving to the list of benefits, as well as the ease of cleaning and maintenance thanks to the simple style. With a wall mounted toilet you can decide the height too, another great benefit.


Whilst this is a great option, the higher price is something that certainly puts people off. Beyond this there is the difficulty of repairs should anything go wrong, which will also incur higher plumber’s fees.

Floor Mounted Toilets

The most common option when it comes to bathroom toilets is to have it floor mounted. The average cost of this kind of toilet is between $450 – $650, considerably lower than the wall mounted option. Here are the pros and cons of this particular choice:


The low cost of course is the first thing which jumps out at you here, and the difference in comparison to wall mounted toilets is huge. This low cost is thanks to a much easier installation process, and this also allows for a far easier repairs process should something go wrong. Because there are more of these floor mounted toilets being bought, there is a far larger range of colors and styles to choose from. This can give you more scope depending on what theme you have in your bathroom.


Unlike the wall mounted option, this will take up much more space in the bathroom, both on the floor and against the wall, because of the size of the cistern. Regarding cleaning and maintenance, this is far more time consuming and finally the height is very much set in stone.

Every home needs toilets of course, but that is not to say that you are limited as to what kind you can choose. Floor mounted and wall mounted toilets can both provide you with a variety of pros and cons, depending on exactly what you are looking for in the bathroom.