Greenhouse Gardening Tips for Beginners

Investing in a greenhouse is always a really exciting process, but once you’ve got your shiny new greenhouse it can be quite daunting knowing what to do with it. Greenhouses make gardening throughout the year much easier, giving you the opportunity to grow all sorts of wonderful flowers, veggies and more. It may seem scary trying to work out exactly what you’re going to do now you have a whole greenhouse to work with, but with the following tips and some exciting projects, you’ll really start to love working in your greenhouse. 

Buy a Thermometer

Before you start any gardening projects, you need to have a trusty thermometer to hand at all times. By adding a thermometer to your greenhouse, you can keep track of exactly how warm, or cold your greenhouse is which will help with your projects. Greenhouse temperatures can fluctuate very quickly, which is why thermometers are crucial to having greenhouse success. You can find a range of different thermometers, from wall thermometers to digital models, dependant on the budget you have and what you want to achieve. 

Power Accessibility

Having access to a power source for your greenhouse is going to be extremely useful, especially during the winter months. You’ll find that being able to introduce features like a heater or fan to your greenhouse will really help you with temperature control. You’ll also find that a power source enables you to bring in some lighting on those darker evenings, should you be working later into the night. Whilst you might not require these additional items to begin with, you’ll certainly see the benefit once the winter season hits. 

Preventing Pests

Unfortunately, pests love to make their way into the greenhouse and attack plants and can really jeopardise the growth of your projects. Many people think that pests are only insects, but mildew and fungi are also classed as pests and need to be prevented. Stock up on some essential pest control products to ensure you always have something to hand, as you never know when those unwanted pests are going to attempt to make an appearance.  

Learn Everyday

Each day is a new opportunity to learn as much as you can whilst working in your greenhouse. With so many amazing projects to work on, you can test yourself and create yourself challenges to put your knowledge and learning to the test. You can find some great bloggers and YouTube videos on a whole range of topics to help educate yourself further and better your greenhouse gardening skills

Enjoy Yourself

Being able to escape into your own little oasis is wonderful, so it’s important to take a moment to really enjoy working in your greenhouse. There are so many amazing things that come from being surrounded by nature, working on exciting projects and putting your skills to action and greenhouse gardening is a really rewarding hobby. No matter what comes of your projects, whether they don’t quite go to plan or you have a huge success, remember to enjoy yourself and be in the moment.