What You Can Expect With a Costoffs Queen Bed Frame

The importance of a high quality mattress cannot be overstated, but you also need a solid and well designed bed frame on which to house it. Given that we spend almost a third of each and every year in bed, it makes a great deal of sense for us to invest wisely in the products which we buy. With this in mind today we are going to take a look at the Costoffs Queen bed frame, which could be just the product which you have been looking for.


Costoffs are relatively new to this online space, having online formed in 2020. With this being said however their approach to delivering high quality products is clear to see, and here is what you can expect with this bed frame.

Original Design

What makes this bed frame stand out is the rustic wooden design around the headboard and the foot, quite unlike anything else you are likely to see on other bed frames.  This makes it an ideal option for traditional and modern bedrooms alike, as the rugged style really combines well with multiple themes.

Reasonably Priced

At just $164.99 you really cannot go wrong with this exceptional price and it is by far one of the most reasonable on the market. As if this wasn’t enough, Costoffs also offer free shipping anywhere in the US. It is certainly surprising that the company is able to offer this low price point given the high quality of the design and the materials which are used.

Easy Assembly

You don’t need to be a construction genius to put this bed together, and customers who have already bought the item are overjoyed at the ease by which the frame can be built. There is an easy to follow guide for how to put these wooden panels and metal slats together in no time at all. Not only is the bed frame easy to put together, it is also incredibly lightweight yet incredibly sturdy, perfect for moving around should you need to.

Storage Space

Something which so many bed frame manufacturers forget about is the need to utilize the space underneath the frame for storage. This is not the case at all with Costoffs Queen bed frame, offering a 30.5cm clearance space below, where you can store many items so that they are tidy and out of sight. 

Clear Focus on Smart Details

And finally we can’t help be but impressed by the small, additional details which this frame includes, making it an even higher quality product than we thought. Take for example the adjustable headboard for those with plumper mattresses, a really neat and well thought out addition. Including this there are protective pads on the feet of the bed frame so that your floor is fully protected, and to keep the frame in place. And lastly we love the rounded edges on the headboard and the foot of the bed, which just makes the design that little bit sleeker and generally more stylish.

If you are looking for a new bed frame then this is what you an expect when you invest in the Costoffs Metal Queen Bed Frame, a great choice as far as we are concerned.