Why Neutral Flooring Is The Best

With modern interiors taking over the flooring world, it’s no surprise that neutral floors are the best way to go. Some of us may think that neutral flooring can be dull, uninspiring or lack character but this simply is not true! While it’s fun to experiment with character with other features of our home, such as the furniture and walls, it can sometimes be a good idea to keep some parts plain and easy going, and the flooring is a good place to start. So let’s go through some of the best neutral flooring choices out there…


Cream only looks good on the walls? No way! There’s a reason it’s so popular with interior and your floors are absolutely no exception. A colour like cream is very easy to combine with pretty much every colour, so you wont have any issues pairing it with other features of your interior. Patterns or a bold colour, cream will provide the perfect back drop and contrast beautifully to most things. One of the most popular creams floors is luxury vinyl tiles, ideal if you’re on a tight budget too, there’s loads to choose from!

Grey is the new black

Grey flooring is a really modern and fashionable choice. If you look at new builds, loads of them have a grey interior and we can’t see grey going out of fashion any time soon! The best thing about grey floors is that they are so versatile, working well with a classical or modern interior. If you’re looking for something rustic, then one with different shades of grey will work well, whereas if you want something clen cut and modern then a light grey floor will be ideal. Trends do come and go, but with grey you’re investing in a truly timeless colour that isn’t going anywhere any time soon!

White washed wood

There would be no point in this blog unless white was mentioned. A famous neutral colour, white is ideal for lots of things and can even work well on our floors. It fits perfectly a Scandinavian interior, with a splash of modern appeal too. The best option when it comes to choosing a white floor is wood, as the knots and grains give it that needed character while still remaining neutral and fresh. If wood flooring is a little bit expensive for your budget, then engineered wood, laminate or luxury vinyl tiles have lots of whitewashed options. 

Honey Oak

Although this flooring type has a little more character than the other options, it is still incredibly versatile and each going by nature. A honey toned oak will again work well with any interior theme, that you wont need to worry if you do decide to change things around or completely change the look of your home. Additionally to this, a honey oak flooring will create the perfect back drop to the rest of your room and blend in with the rest of your interior, while still presenting a gorgeous statement.