Creating The Ultimate Nursery Checklist

Starting a family is an extremely exciting period of time, but also comes with a lot of stress and uncertainty for new parents too – when it comes to planning for the future it’s easy to miss some of the essentials and get caught up with buying additional extras that may not be needed too. When planning for the nursery in particular, creating a checklist can help expecting parents to stay on course and avoid many of the unnecessary extras – so what should be included on the ultimate nursery checklist?

A safe place to sleep – A newborn will spend most of the day sleeping, so investing in quality here will never be a waste, there are many huge brands that specialize in sleeping options for many ages with this sebra bed collection being one of the many premium options available, with some offering sleeping solutions all the way up to eight years of age. It’s often suggested to keep the cot clear of anything unnecessary too, a mattress and quality fitted sheet will provide all the comfort needed, so there’s no need to worry about all of the additional frills that are often suggested to get with sleeping options.

You’ll never have too much storage – A good chest of drawers can provide much of the storage space needed, but a good nursery will take advantage of all of the storage space available – with sleeping options noted above, many also will come with storage beneath the cot but investing in a solution here for those that don’t provides more space could be vital for ensuring everything that’s needed close to hand. 

A comfy place to sit – Whether for recovering from a sleepless night or a space for feedings, a rocking chair or glider has also become a must have for any nursery and there is a huge amount of variety in this space too for those looking to choose from a variety of different styles. There are some additions here too, a footstool to keep the legs raised or a variety of different pillows can all add to the comfort of a good chair too – this may be another piece of furniture to aim for something on the premium side too, a lot of time may be spent in this chair and as such spending a bit more will lead to some pleasant days ahead, particularly when tired.

A good baby monitor holds value too – Gone are the days where baby monitors were simply pseudo-radios or walkie talkies, and they’ve changed to come packed with a huge range of features with video often being one of the bigger selling points now – some of these devices can range into the absurd at a price point that may not be worth it but finding a device that meets all expectations and needs is much easier now. For those who have to return to work or are out for chores, many baby monitors also come equipped with the ability to connect to mobile, so checking in from afar is easy too. 

Being prepared is key, keeping a calm head and looking around at all of the resources available will help to identify what is essential and what isn’t and making a checklist like the above can help to stop from both buying what is unnecessary, and to also identify where a more premium option can be purchased for longevity and quality too.