5 Tips to Spruce Up Your Backyard for Summer

Nice summer backyard with exotic landscape. View of wicker chairs with ottaman and glass top table

Now that summer is almost here, the thoughts of many homeowners turn to improving the appearance and function of their backyard. Aside from the basic tasks involving backyard cleanup and landscape maintenance, it’s a good time to think about more specialized enhancements as well.

Whether homeowners want to include built-in fun, make the backyard more hospitable, or simply improve its appearance, the possibilities for backyard updates are nearly endless.

Build a Treehouse or a She Shed

No matter how much family members love each other, everyone needs a little personal space sometimes. Men have long retreated to the garage, something that doubles as a so-called man cave. Women have noticed and started adding little escapes of their own in the form of a she shed. Detached from the home and about the same size as a shed where families normally store such things as bicycles and tools, a she shed is a nice place to go to relax, read, or participate in another hobby without the usual commotion in the larger home.

A treehouse can give kids more independence as well as important skills if they help to build it. However, people of any age can benefit from a treehouse because they always have a place to retreat. As long as the homeowner uses strong lumber and builds the treehouse on a solid tree, it can last for many years and can even be a selling point when the time comes to move out.

Add a Fire Pit

Nothing beats a fire pit for homeowners who entertain often. After a busy day of playing lawn darts, volleyball, or just socializing, sitting around the fire pit to talk in a more intimate setting or roast marshmallows can make the perfect ending to the day. It’s also a great way to meet more neighbors by inviting them to sit around the fire for a while.

Build a Patio onto the Home

Being outside in the sunshine is enough to lift anyone’s spirits. Having a place to sit while outside can increase the happiness even more. Building an open or enclosed patio on the backside of the house will provide plenty of room to place outdoor furniture so people can socialize, read, or just relax.

Consider a Water Feature

Adding a water feature to the backyard doesn’t need to be complicated. A simple birdbath or fountain works just as well as a more elaborate feature created by a professional landscape company. A water feature can help to provide focus while spending time in the backyard as well as a sense of tranquility.

The patio can be especially unique and attractive when covered by a pergola. This is a decorative cover than can provide extra comfort on hot and sunny days or even rainy days if people still want to stay outside. Depending on patio space, the homeowner can even add lights, an outdoor grill, and furniture to make it an outdoor oasis.

Create a Flower Bed 

It’s a welcome sight to see fresh flowers with vibrant colors when walking into the back yard. Completing a do-it-yourself project or hiring a landscape company to create a flower bed in the center of the yard will make this experience possible. Placing mulch around the new flower bed can help it look even more distinctive.

The above are just five tips for sprucing up the backyard. With a little creativity, the sky really is the limit.