Buying Your Home for an Investment: Market Spotlights

The reasons for buying a home are varied, but they usually revolve around the need for more space. Maybe you just want to bigger place, maybe you get married, maybe there’s a new edition coming to the family and your current place just doesn’t have enough room.

Another reason, is that you want a nicer place to live in a nice neighborhood. So you search for both and discover a place that fits your desires. When you look for a home, there are many things to consider when purchasing. These are in addition to the first two reasons mentioned.

If you have kids for instance you want to consider purchasing a home in a location that is close to good schools. If it’s in an urban area you want to consider how close you are to work and places that you frequent because traffic is certainly an issue. You also want to look into things like property taxes, and weather The neighborhood  where you are looking to purchase the home, is getting better or worse.

These last two reasons are very important because they can affect both the price you pay for the home, as well as what you can expect to happen to the homes for while you occupy it. This is very important because your home should also function as an investment for you and your family, and the money that you spend purchasing the home should position you with the capital reserve as time goes on.

With this in mind, where you purchase your home is as important and aspect of buying a home as the home itself. So where should you look to purchase a home that will most likely increase in value? These are a few of the hot markets in the United States we’re home values are on the rise.

Tampa–St. Petersburg, FL

The twin cities of Tampa–St. Petersburg are definitely one of the top US markets for growing home prices and with good reason. The city is in a constant rebuild nearly replacing its entire downtown with ne infrastructure over the past decade. Lacking the allure of some of Florida’s other cities like Miami and Ft. Lauderdale has meant that it is less crowded and more charming, so it is more attractive to families and older people and it is half the price to purchase here.

Still, the range of homes can accommodate any buyer. They vary in size and configurations, and include beach homes and those will large plots of land.

The buyers of these residences are a mix of locals, and those new to the state and even some foreigners who recognize the benefits of having a residence in a city where you can overdose on sunshine.

Tampa–St. Petersburg’s perfect weather, easy breezes and laid back lifestyle attracts thousands of new natives each year who want a piece of the good life, even though they each define what that is quite differently. Property prices continue to rise and with the building of lots of new homes in and around the twin cities, this central Florida city will remain one of America’s hottest housing markets. Property owners for this reason can expect their investment in their home to continue to become greater.

Austin, Texas

Texas has a few hot housing markets including Dallas and Ft. Wroth, but neither is as hot as Austin. In fact is the hottest housing growth market in the country is Austin. Its prospects for 2017 are that it will continue its hot trend or even pick up. What is behind so many people wanting to move to Austin Here are some reasons:

Jobs: Austin has one of the hottest job markets in the US with growing technology, entertainment and service industries.

Price: The city is still cheaper than Houston or Dallas and if you elect to live in the suburbs, you can save even more on a nice home.

Traffic: You can still commute by car in Austin without spending hours waiting on the freeway. Try that in LA or Chicago.

Quality of Life: Austin still has a small town feel that so many people love. The city is perfect for raising a family and it abounds in activities no matter what you are into.

With all of these benefits housing prices will rise for the foreseeable future.

Don’t just buy a great home, make a great investment in one of these fast growing and desirable cities.