Five Amenities of Luxury Apartments

Modern families have changed. So have our homes. You don’t have to live somewhere large to live in a fancy environment. When it’s just you, or you and your dog, or you and your partner, there are plenty of apartment options to choose from. Things have also changed. Apartments are no longer where you go to live when you can’t afford a house. Whether you’re in a chic New York City apartment, or a beautiful complex with tons of space, apartments have some great amenities these days. Here are five amenities you will find at luxury apartment complexes.

Pool & Hot Tub

Just about every luxury apartment complex has a pool and a hot tub. Of course, everywhere is different. Some have large pools and others have a simpler one, but you can gauge your association fees by how many amenities the place has. The larger the pool, the nicer the apartment will usually be. Does it have one hot tub or two? Are there multiple pools? Whatever your situation, if a pool is a priority but you can’t afford to put one in a house, look into luxury apartments for some great pool and hot tub amenities.


Another amenity that luxury apartments will have is a gym. High-end complexes will have many machines including treadmills, weights, a peloton, and more. When you have a gym in the apartment complex, you won’t have to buy a treadmill or weights for your home. While you will likely pay the association for it, the gym can save you money on a subscription or equipment. It will motivate you to get in shape and stay in shape because it is right out your front door. Most luxury apartments will provide a great gym at your disposal.

Smart Lockers

Some of the nicest apartment complexes even offer smart lockers for their residents. This locker technology provides a way for you to safely receive your packages by requiring a password. It also connects to your phone and will alert you when a package has been delivered, where it came from, and who dropped it off. Smart lockers eliminate the need for the delivery drivers to come all the way to your door. Instead, every apartment at these luxury complexes has its own smart locker to make this whole process safer and more efficient. Smart lockers are the future of packages.


While most of the amenities offered from luxury apartments are exciting, security is a big reason to pay a little extra. High-end apartments hire well-trained security to watch over the grounds and report about any suspicious characters or goings on. Even if you don’t care about the other amenities, security provides peace of mind that you, whoever you live with, and your possessions will be safe and taken care of. It doesn’t matter where you live, having professional security watching over the complex offers a feeling of stability that you will love.

Pet Amenities

When you move to a luxury apartment complex, you will realize that the people you rent from really understand what it’s like to live alone. A lot of people who live by themselves in an apartment want an animal to keep them company. One of the best parts about luxury apartments is that some of them cater to animals. There are even dog parks in some of these apartment complexes. If they are okay with dogs and other animals, there may even be a special place for them in the complex. Look for dog availability and you will find the right place.

When you live alone, paying a little extra for great amenities can be worth it. These extras help you relax, stay healthy, and gain peace of mind that you’re safe while living there. You will have security watching over the complex, smart lockers to keep your packages safe, and special areas like pet parks and pools.

If we’ve discovered one thing over the last few years, it’s that stability is invaluable. When you simply want to feel comfortable and are okay with paying for it, look into luxury apartment complexes. You will have saved money compared to buying a house and still have all the amenities you could ask for.