Quirky Design Tips For Your Home’s Walls

When you walk into an empty house you instantly realize just how important the walls are in terms of setting off the theme and the style of the home. When these walls are blank they are begging to be used, yet most of us only decide to paint each of them with the same color, losing out on this opportunity to bring our homes to life. The first step of whitewashing the walls with magnolia makes sense of course, especially if you want that clean look whilst you deal with other areas of the home, once you start decorating each room however, you have to look beyond one plain color for your walls, and here is how to really make an impact.

Feature Wall

A feature wall is a single blocked wall of color which differs from the other 3 walls. This is a great option because you can use it to play with the space in the room and give the appearance of a larger or smaller sized room. Naturally you can also help to bring a secondary color to life within the room and the pattern which you have gone for. Finally you should always look to make the feature wall lighter or darker than the other 3 for the best results. Additionally you can also create your feature wall with wallpaper if you plan to use that for the other walls, or even if the other walls are painted, wallpaper can really add an extra layer of style to the room.

Wall Stickers

Sticker You wall decals can offer so much value in terms of adding real individuality and style to a particular room and the sky is really the limit when it comes to adding a decal to the wall. For a unique design you can use an online sticker maker where you can upload the image that you are looking for and then have the sticker designed to your exact specifications. Whether it be an image, a design, pattern or even a piece of artwork which you have made yourself, these large, and highly impactful stickers can really bring the room to life.


When it comes to artwork and photographs the biggest thing that people miss from a style point of view is failing to go in with both feet. The result is a solitary photo on a large wall, or a collection of prints and artwork which just look out of place, if you are going to do this, then you have to be committed. A large art print can really become a spectacle in a room with high ceilings, and accompanying smaller prints around the room will help to maintain the theme and bring it to life. In terms of photographs, get creative and make a real statement with your photos of yourself, friends and family. The biggest thing to avoid is just throwing something up on the wall because you want it up there, it must be synchronized with everything else that is going on.

Three easy tips for you to really turn those blank canvases in your home into something a little more special.