Design Tweaks to Breathe New Life Into Your Living Room

If your living room feels a little stale but you don’t want to completely re-design it, you can look for some simple design tweaks which will breathe new life into the space, turning it from stale to stylish. Whether you are tight on time, tight on money or a little lost with what you can do to spruce up your living room, here are some suggestions which can help you to re-energize and re-style the living space in your home.


Giving your living room new style doesn’t have to involve grand gestures and the simple addition of a large rug can really give a new touch of style to the space. If you get the choice right then a new rug can really bring together the styles and patterns which you already have in the room. If your room needs some color then a rug will add a huge chunk of it to brighten the place up, equally if there is already a lot of color in the room then the rug can act as a great neutralizer. The size and style of the rug will be up to you but if you have the space for a large rug the recommendation would always be to buy one, they can look great on any type of hard flooring.


Bookcases are also a great addition to the room which offer a wide range of benefits that can help give your living room a completely different look. If you have a sizable living room then a free-standing bookshelf can be used to slice up the space, affording you the luxury of having different segments of the living area. Alternatively a French provincial bookcase for your living room can give your living room a touch of class and luxury. Bookshelves are easily affordable, easy to install and they provide you with a canvas to add even more design features to the room. Whether you decide on actual books, artwork or trinkets on the shelves of your bookcase, it is guaranteed to add something new and exciting to the living room.

Feature Wall

You do not need to redecorate the entire room in order to transform it and a very fashionable option right now is to create a feature wall. The idea is that this wall will jump out of the room and offer chunks of color and design which serve as a main feature of the room. As we mentioned with the idea of the rug, this feature wall will use paint, wallpaper or artwork to bring together the colors and style of the room or to juxtapose with the existing design. In creating a feature wall like this you will be able to give fresh energy to the room without very much effort, and without spending too much money.

It can be easy to think that we need to make radical changes to certain rooms in the home but there are always ways in which we can update them without the need for a large investment of time or energy.