Techniques that hotel designers use that can make your bedroom luxurious

One of the most important rooms in a house that can make you feel like you are living in luxury is the bedroom. This is the central nest to any home and where you spend a large amount of your time. Though most of that time is sleeping, the bedroom is still the inner sanctum of any house. This is where you start your day and end your day. The beginning of your day is important, as it sets the mood for the rest of the day. Let’s have a look at some of the tricks that hotels use. Though you don’t really want your room to look like a hotel room, hotels spend a lot of money on designers to make people feel comfortable and special, so you can learn a lot from them. So whether you shop at Julian Charles or you do it yourself, these are the basics to know.

Layer pillows

This is probably the easiest way to make a bed look more inviting. The pillows you sleep on should be underneath or up against the headboard at the top of the bed. Decorative pillows and accent pillows should be then layered on top of that. A good general rule is larger to smaller coming down the bed, and if you don’t know how many pillows to put there? Use no more than the first 25% of the bed. You do not want to make the bed a pyramid of pillows. That will make the room look overcrowded and take away from the design. A nice feature with pillows is that you can change the colors or accents as you feel like it to keep it fresh in your eyes.

Bed Scarf

A nice accessory for a bed is called a bed scarf. When you check into a luxury hotel you will often see a strip of fabric that is laid across the foot of the bed. This is the bed scarf. If you settle on a plain solid color for your sheets and duvet, which is advisable, you can lay a colorful bed scarf on the foot of the bed. You can change the scarf to match the pillows and change the look of the room completely with ease. A bed scarf also helps keep your duvet clean as you can put things on the bed scarf instead of the duvet, or sit on it, and the only thing you need to wash is the scarf.


If you can manage it, depending on the size of your room, try and leave a large area of the bedroom unobstructed. If you want a makeup table or desk, design the room so that there is still a lot of open space as best as you can. You want to be able to move around in a good bedroom, not be crushed by overcrowded furniture.


It is a good idea to install switches next to the bed within easy reach. You will almost always see that at hotels. When you are in the hotel you can appreciate not having to get up and turn the light on or off stumbling across a room. Indirect lighting is also good, and use a dimmer switch for any lights to be able to set the mood.


Curtains are also an important part of a room. Make sure you get a good quality set of curtains, floor-length preferably. Silks or damasks are good choices. Remember that curtains last a long time, so the expense of good curtains works out over time. Make sure you also have some blackout curtains for the room as keeping the light out helps with a good night’s sleep. Add some shears as well for the daytime and to make the finishing touch.


We would suggest taking a bold approach to artwork. Large pictures with bold images. Do not overdo artwork by putting too many things on the wall, use just one large piece as a focal point. This can also be changed occasionally to change up the room look and feel, along with the pillows.

You want to wake up and feel that you are in the best environment possible. A luxurious bedroom that you have spent time making special, can give you that start to the day and give a lift to your spirit to make it easier to overcome obstacles. When you retire for the night, you want to feel the peace and relaxation knowing that you will feel like royalty in your fortress of solitude. It will set your mind in the right frame to have a deep comfortable sleep, and lessen the stresses of the world. Escape them in your bedroom. These all seem like lofty ambitions, but it really doesn’t take much to take your room to another level. We hope some of these ideas and tips have helped you, and we wish you the best of dreams.