Tips on Launching a £10 – £100 Betting Campaign

If you follow any betting tipsters on social media channels then you will no doubt have seen that many of them do these challenges such as £10-£1000 or something similar. Whilst these guys and gals have some pretty good picks, you are essentially putting your money in their hands for these challenges. Campaigns are really our specialty and we believe that a far better option is to start of small with a £10-£100 campaign on a great site like Novibet which offers some highly attractive odds, and do it on your own terms.

The Idea of The Campaign

Generally speaking these campaigns work by choosing 5 or 6 bets and each time you win, you place the entirety of your cash pot on the next bet, so that your pot grows each time. If you win the first bet and make £17 from your initial £10, then you lump £17 on the next bet and so on.

Taking Your Time

When tipsters on social media offer these bets they try to get them done as quickly as possible and much of their idea behind this is to whip up support for what they are doing, which in turn brings them more attention. Instead of choosing 6 bets to complete your challenge however, we recommend taking it much slower and looking for 8 or 10 bets which will get you to your goal, doing so over a number of days. You may think that this means more chances of losing, but we are going to look for longer odds than the tipsters.

More than 1.5

The large majority of challenges which you see online feature odds on each bet of around 1/2 or 1.5 depending on whether you are using decimals or fractions. This means that you make around 50% of your stake back as profit on each bet, which of course grows as your pot does. Instead of this however we believe the safer money is on bets of 1/3 or 1.33, or perhaps even 1/4 or 1/25. Now of course in doing this you won’t make big bank on each bet, but the further down the line you get the higher your win will be. Let’s look at how it’ll work with 1.33 to give you an example.

£10.00 – £13.30

£13.30 – £17.70

£17.70 – £23.52

£23.52 – £31.29

£31.29 – £41.61

£41.61 – £55.34

£55.34 – £73.61

£72.61 – £97.90

As you can see, using 1.33 or 1/3, which are highly probable odds, we can reach our goal in less than 10 bets.

Cash Out and Watch Outs

Something which we’d certainly recommend is that by the time you get to the third bet, if it wins you should take our your original £10, this way you can ensure that if you lose, you’ll still have the money you started with. A key watch out here is that you bet on stuff you know, don’t just look for 1.33 odds in the hope that they come off. Find the bet first and then research, once that is done and you feel confident, hit the bet button.

Why not give it a try this weekend and see how you get on?