Top Lifestyle Features of Modern Luxury Homes

When affluent homebuyers look at real estate listings in Calgary, they’re not just concerned about the price. They look for additional amenities and features that truly define a modern luxury home. Rich people don’t just want a house that looks elegant; comfort and convenience are also crucial factors. A luxury house must accommodate the lifestyle needs of wealthy buyers.

Here are some lifestyle features that can make a home more modern and. Therefore, more valuable.

Outdoor Living

In today’s world, outdoor living goes past having a few lawn chairs or even a swimming pool. Today the rich are looking extensive and attractive outdoor seating, along with a fire pit and even and outdoor kitchen.

Home Gym

Just as modern condo buildings these days tend to have an on-site gym, modern luxury homes have gyms as well. Why exercise and sweat among strangers when they can do it in the privacy and comfort of their own home? With a home gym, you don’t have to bother with schedules, taking turns with equipment, traffic, parking problems, or with unpleasant hygiene issues.

Modern home gyms have all the amenities, including built-in speakers for workout music, a huge flat screen TV for workout videos, and maybe even a spa or an indoor lap pool.

Dressing Room

Remember when it was cool to have a walk-in closet? For rich people, that’s just too small and they don’t want to feel suffocated. Now they want a dressing room where they can move around, and where friends and tailors can help them put on their wardrobe.

In some cases, these dressing rooms can even look like a designer store or a posh lounge. The cabinets are luxurious, the sound system is sophisticated, and the lighting is fantastic. There’s ample space for all the clothes, along with seating and plenty of mirrors.

Clothing rods and shoe racks can be lit, while some lights can automatically turn on inside cabinets when they’re opened. The most expensive dresses and handbags can be featured in glass display cases, along with accessories such as sunglasses, wristwatches, and other pieces of jewellery.

This is a feature that can get very expensive, though of course the truly affluent won’t blink at the 6-figure addition to the cost of the house. It can be more expensive than even a sumptuously designed kitchen.

Gourmet Kitchen

Speaking of kitchens, a good kitchen is still a top priority even for the rich. For those with the budget, top kitchens should have commercial-quality appliances, along with a walk-on pantry.

A climate controlled wine room is also a highly desired feature, since rich people tend to like drinking and collecting wines. A wine cellar is great along with a wine fridge.

Many coffee lovers also wish for high quality coffee brewers and espresso machines, and these can fetch exorbitant prices as well. Space must be reserved for various devices such as grinders and brewing paraphernalia, while a storage space must be reserved for the whole beans.

Spa Bathroom

A huge bathroom is a very common feature in luxury homes, but now the very best home bathrooms resemble the ones you see in luxury spa or resort. Much desired features include a large sunken tub, and walk-in showers with seating. You have radiant heated floors along with towel warmers and heated toilet seats.

To add a more luxurious touch, you can put in, natural stones and wood elements to complement all the ceramic. For those who want to go all out, you can have skylights and maybe even a fireplace.

Of course, all these features seem like fantastical additions to the average homebuyer. But for those with the budget, these are the features that can make them eager to buy a house!