Choosing the Right Trees for Your Garden

Right now, trees are hot property. In the USA and many other parts of the world, the presence of mature trees can add considerable value to a property. A recent survey shows that it is typically around 8%, but can be as much as 19%. So, if you are about to market your luxury home or are thinking of flipping it at some point including some trees in your garden or yard upgrade is definitely a good idea. However, there are a few things you need to bear in mind when choosing which trees to plant.

Your climate

Your first step should be consulting a plant hardiness zone map, like this one. Doing so will ensure that you understand the full range of temperatures for your area. Trees are expensive, especially mature ones, so you really do not want to buy one that is likely to die one or two years after you have planted it. Not only will you end up with no tree you will have to find the money to have a tree surgeon take it down and dispose of it. Certainly, this is the case if it is a mature tree.

Your soil-type

You also need to accurately identify your soil type. It is possible to buy a testing kit to determine the acidity of your soil. Be sure to test the part of your garden you are planning to plant the tree in. Always carry out two or three tests to confirm your results. It is a good idea to do one on the surface and dig down a bit to carry out the other tests. This should eliminate the risk of a false reading because the acidity of the top layer of soil has been altered by fertilizers and other garden products.

Local regulations

In some areas, regulations exist that limit the types of trees that can be planted. For example, in some places, it is no longer possible to plant the bigger Leylandi varieties. Often, you cannot plant a tree too close to a neighbor’s boundary fence or house.

Maintenance of the tree

You also need to think about how easy the tree will be to look after once it is fully grown. A tree will only add value to your property if it is healthy and mature. If it gets sick, the opposite is true. Buyers will be put off of buying your house because they will not want the responsibility of having the tree removed a few years after they move in.

The right size

It is also important to choose a tree of the right scale. A tree that is too large will dwarf the rest of the garden. The shadow it casts could stop other plants from growing leaving you with a bare, barren plot.


Last, but by no means least, is safety. As you can see from this article some trees are dangerous and should never be planted in an urban environment. Just click the link to find out which ones you need to avoid.