5 Trends to Keep in Mind When Looking for a DC Apartment

If you are looking to move to DC, deciding on a neighborhood and apartment can be overwhelming because there are so many options. Washington, DC, set along the Potomac River bordering the states of Maryland and Virginia. As the capital of the country, DC is an exciting city to live in with a variety of personalities, opportunities for work, recreation, and lifestyle.

DC is a vibrant city with a variety of history, culture, and art. It blends a small-town feel with a multicultural one. There are distinct neighborhoods located in the four geographic quadrants that determine street address, which include international embassies, diverse communities, and a varied food scene. 

When you decided to move and are hunting for apartments, you want to live in a community that fits your lifestyle, which could mean numerous things, from close amenities to walkability. Here are five trends to keep in mind when you are looking for an apartment in DC:

1. Learn the Neighborhood

It’s hard to get started in the apartment hunt if you are not familiar with the city and its neighborhoods. DC is divided into four quadrants (Northwest, Northeast, Southeast, and Southwest), and each quadrant offers something different.  Looking for an apartment in DC is very fast-moving. Apartment buildings give you an urban feel with low-maintenance and are usually close to transit. Many have been enhanced with amenities and technology to create a communal live-work-play paradise.

2. Know Your Budget

Determine your budget. Depending on your budget, finding a reasonably priced apartment can be hard. Apartments and condos move fast. You if you find an apartment in the neighborhood you like, for a reasonable price, you must quickly commit. DC is a hot rental market, so schedule viewings quick, and don’t spend to much time thinking about it. Therefore, it is essential to know your budget and the number that your comfortable paying and still live on.

3. Consider Your Commute

Before deciding on a place to live, consider your commute. More affordable living is going to be further from the downtown core. If you work downtown, you need to be prepared for the commute because it can be a long one.  But if long commute times don’t bother you, it will help your budget.

4. Time Your Search

If you have time on your side, plan your search for an apartment. Summer isn’t a good time to apartment hunt. Pickings are slim, and rent is higher. Winter months, like January and February, are better for searching for an apartment in DC, and there might be more of a selection and better deals.

5. Get Creative

People are getting creative with where they live, and in some cases converting apartments. For example, renting a one-bedroom apartment and having a floor-to-ceiling wall installed to another private space. It’s a great way to live in pricier neighborhoods and have a smaller rent payment, as long the landlord or building management is okay with it. 


When looking for apartments in DC, it’s essential to keep in mind location, budget, commute, best time to search, and get creative.  Make sure you do your due diligence and visit the variety of neighborhoods to see what you like or maybe don’t like about them and their location to your job. Each area of Washington DC has its own feel, amenities, restaurants, history, and nightlife. You need to determine which is the best area for you while keeping in mind that leases for apartments snatch up quickly in DC.