The best way to give your home curb appeal

Did you know that most people who sell their homes get thousands of dollars less for them than they could? Today, people are starting to understand that investing a bit of money to spruce a place up before you sell can result in you making a lot more, and if you also have time and energy to invest, you can seriously raise your sale price. Of all the things it’s possible to invest in, the single most important is to improve the curb appeal, because first impressions count. One thing has the potential to enhance your home’s curb appeal more than any other, and that’s a nice set of shutters.

A clean, fresh look

Even the best made curtains are generally designed to look good from the inside, not from the street. Old curtains never look attractive, especially the wrong way round. What’s more, when you have different curtains in each room to match its style and color scheme, they make windows look uneven and odd from the outside, like differently colored eyes. Properly coordinated shutters used in all your front-facing windows avoid this problem, making your house look neat and trim. You can double up with curtains inside if you still want to preserve the individual character of each room, but if you draw them back then the shutters will keep them from being visible from the street. Newly installed shutters will look naturally clean and fresh, and older shutters can quickly be freshened up with a lick of paint.

Timeless style

Whether you’re selling an endearingly old fashioned rural period home or a stylish modern city apartment, it’s always possible to find shutters that suit it. They have a timeless character that presents your home as a place focused on quality and elegance rather than on any fleeting fashion trend. This makes it easier for prospective buyers to project their own sense of style onto it, thinking about what they would like to do with it now and in the future. Even though wooden shutters are quite simple to fit, the impression they give is that you have invested in your home and really care about it, which makes buyers more confident.

Make more of your windows

From the street, shutters provide neat frames that present your windows at their best – and they also make room for you to use the spaces for display. Placing plants or fresh flowers on window sills immediately gives the impression that your home is a fresher, brighter and more joyful place. You can also choose window ornaments that flatter the specific style of your home. Just be sure to coordinate all your front-facing windows when you do this. They don’t have to match but they do have to work together.

The right balance

Did you know that you can overdo it when it comes to curb appeal? It’s not uncommon for sellers to make so much effort improving the appearance of their home that, by contrast, every other property on the street looks worse. Naturally, people don’t want to live in an area full of poor quality housing – it makes them worry about their safety and what might happen to the value of their newly purchased home over time. For this reason, you need to strike a balance. Shutters are the perfect way of doing this, giving you home a touch of class without going overboard. They won’t look out of balance with the neighborhood, but they will promise good things inside.

Using shutters like this can really give your house sale a boost. It’s easy to do and it could be what you need to attract more potential buyers.